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Announcing Hurrah! Leaderboard Enterprise Edition with multiple datasource integration

It’s been a busy first half for our Customer Success representatives, who are in charge of signing new companies up every month. They thoroughly guide every new client through our innovative real-time leaderboards and enterprise gamification processes. Whether it was the Sales or Customer Service crew of a recognized Sports team, a Professional Service, or […]

Meet us at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016!

Microsoft’s WPC 2016 in Toronto is just around the corner, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to let you know we’ll be there! Partners from all over the world, don’t miss this great event! It offers amazing product sessions, success stories, networking, and much more. You will be learning while having fun! If […]

Using Gamification to Improve CRM Engagement

Encouraging employees to adopt a new technology within any organization can be challenging. Significant time and money is invested into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to be set up specifically to meet a company’s requirements. The CRM is a key sales tool for tracking potential and existing customers. It is crucial that data is […]

Dallas Cowboys use Hurrah! to Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

The Dallas Cowboys hold several sporting honors, including being the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons. The Cowboys have a robust sales department that had already been using a CRM since 2007 to track and log sales, but they were lacking a reporting tool.   After seeing the way the Hurrah! system’s […]

The Evolution of Leaderboards by Mario Herger.

Leaderboards are one of the most popular game design elements that gamification designers have in their toolset. Ranking players by their achievements is something that we are all familiar with, as it has been used in most sports to showcase the winners and losers. But leaderboards are not just isolated. They build on other game […]

Welcome Hurrah!, The New Way to Inspire a Winning Sales Culture and Drive CRM Adoption…

You may already know of our obsession for helping organizations get the most out of their Dynamics CRM investments. The way we do this is simple: by understanding people’s behaviors and motivations. Sales VPs and Managers are primarily focused on achieving sales goals and in concert with that, looking at different ways to accelerate sales cycles, convert prospects into actual customers, cross-sell and up-sell […]

CRMGamified® Academy’s Gamification Webinar Series ENCORE!

Hi Everybody! We’ve already told you everything about the new CRMGamified® Academy’s Gamification Webinar Series, right? Well.. not really. Did we mention there’s going to be a part deux!? That’s right! If you didn’t make it the first time and you are so so so so sorry for missing all the gamification awesomeness, WORRY NO MORE! and […]

Meet the CRMGamified® Academy’s Gamification Webinar Series

Hi Everybody! You know how we are always telling you about the benefits of gamifiying your CRM to encourage CRM Adoption? We keep talking about the whys, and the hows whenever we can. Well, now we’ve decided to turn it all into a series of webinars! That’s right. We’d like to announce (drumroll, please) the CRMGamified® Academy’s […]

Ignite Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Game Showcase [VIDEO]

Hello everybody! We told you about it a few days ago. The good people at the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance invited us to give a presentation on CRM Gamification. Senior Business Strategist and CRM Gamification Specialist Karel Tamchyna conducted the webinar Ignite Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Game Showcase in which he spoke about the reasons and benefits for […]