Not all gamification is created equal

I read an article recently that focused on a peer to peer model of gamification.  The company has published some data that on the surface tells us all to beware of gamification in the workplace.  And while I am a gamification advocate… …I couldn’t agree more! Here are the points the author made, which I […]


Getting ready for another Convergence!

Wow! Time really does fly when you’re having fun or when you’re busy. And yes, we have been both! Now March is almost upon us and we can’t believe it’s already the time of year when the Microsoft Dynamics Community gets ready for another Convergence! Last year we had a great time! …and this year […]


Why Wait for Sales Success?

I often hear from clients that they are in the midst of their CRM upgrade and they feel it’s best to wait until after deployment to implement gamification and productivity solutions.  Of course, I understand that everyone is busy and technology implementations require attention.   And while I appreciate that resource and time management are issues, […]


AlfaPeople MiddleEast and CRMGamified® has today confirmed their CRM user adoption obsession

AlfaPeople MiddleEast and CRMGamified® has today confirmed their CRM user adoption obsession Dubai, UAE   AlfaPeople MiddleEast has today announced its strategic partnership with CRMGamified®. AlfaPeople MiddleEast has a long tradition of keeping Dynamics CRM simple and driving user adoption as a pre requisite to a successful deployment. AlfaPeople are excited at the opportunity of […]


Gamification for Data Quality

Another big trend, growing alongside of gamification is the collection and analysis of “Big Data”.  Decision makers now more than ever have access to large amounts of data to support logical, successful decisions, changes in strategy, product updates, customer service offerings and more.  This trend shines a bright spotlight on the importance of data quality. […]