Gamification for Data Quality

Another big trend, growing alongside of gamification is the collection and analysis of “Big Data”.  Decision makers now more than ever have access to large amounts of data to support logical, successful decisions, changes in strategy, product updates, customer service offerings and more.  This trend shines a bright spotlight on the importance of data quality. […]


It’s all about Productivity !

In discussing gamification these days, I like to remind people that gamification is nothing more than a set of productivity tools.  Though gamification is a “nice” add- on, productivity is a necessity.  With the Internet on their desktops, smartphones in their hands and leftover holiday goodies in the kitchen, employees are continually distracted at work […]

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What if it was FUN? by Monica Cornetti

What if it was FUN?   The reality is… you enjoy playing games. You’ve been playing games since the days of cavemen, and it is your nature to compare yourself to see how you measure up to others.   Games drive emotions, build loyalty, and create character. What if you could take game mechanics like […]

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We’ve just completed another exciting implementation !

Hi everyone! We’ve just completed another exciting implementation of one of our gamification products! This time the star was Hurrah!, which was implemented at, once again, a professional basketball team that competes in the NBA  (National Basketball Association).  It would seem that professional sports organizations have discovered the magic of Hurrah! They have found in Hurrah! a way […]