CRM systems: The data entry nightmare

When it comes to adopting CRM systems, organizations face one big challenge or what we like to call the data entry nightmare. The main purpose of installing a CRM system is to have all the critical information that comes from the customer interactions stored in a database, in order to improve many key business activities […]

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Miami Dolphins Accelerate Sales with Hurrah! Leaderboard®

Increasing sales, achieving goals and motivating sales people is the fundamental challenge faced by all sales & marketing organizations.  The Dolphins Management team wanted to do so while also gathering actionable data to use in decision making. They already had a CRM in place and used by Sales, but did not want it to become a stumbling block as […]

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Why talk about KPIs?

As a Sales Manager or VP of Sales who leads a team, you know it is a real challenge to help your sales force achieve their goals.. Your sales team needs to be focused on performing activities that actually lead to results. But what are those activities, how do you identify them and why are […]


MSCRM Addons – Making the most out of MS CRM

We all know Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust platform which offers great possibilities. And we are also aware it can be improved and heightened with solutions like our Hurrah! Leaderboard and CRM Motivation Engine, but we are not the only ones out there creating products to achieve this goal of making the most out […]

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CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions announce their partnership!

CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions have joined forces and announced their partnership. This new alliance aims to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform users with a unique and unified technological marvel. Helping them draw, analyze and organize data within CRM while increasing user motivation!   About Green 4 Solutions Green 4 Solutions, CRM, ticketing and Loyalty […]