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Increase in Campaign Sales
Performance, OSEG



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Kansas City Royals



Returns on Investment
In just one month, OSEG

Real-time leaderboard maker for sales teams

Live sales gamification leaderboard maker for
in-house and remote sales teams.

Track your custom metrics, display real-time progress, connect remote employees, and recognize your team’s achievements.

Gamification solution designed as an add-on for Dynamics CRM

Motivate and reward sales and services teams.
Incorporate game mechanics such as points, badges, missions and achievements.

Show real-time feedback and social interactions.
Inspire a unique CRM user experience.

Success Stories

Growing Outbound: OSEG Case Study

OSEG was looking to develop a more outbound focused sales organization. They saw the need for a solution that would increase the visibility of their sales metrics and help create a more engaging sales team environment. Hurrah! offered them a simple, impactful solution that introduced elements of gamification into daily activities.


7 Strategies to Improve Productivity

Sales productivity has a significant impact on revenue and is a key factor for success in any business. Improving sales productivity means maximizing results while minimizing the resources expended. This is no easy challenge. How do we capitalize on human talent and be more efficient with the allotted time? Discover these 7 strategies you can use to improve sales productivity and form stronger relationships with clients and leads.


With Hurrah! The KCR are Champions in Sales!

Performance recognition tools help the Kansas City Royals’ sales team close more opportunities than ever before and tripled their call volume!


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“Lack of user adoption is still a key reason why CRM projects fail. Hurrah! Is a great solution to help drive user adoption, excitement and buy-in. It is a creative and elegant solution – if you have not seen it in action, I would encourage you to take a look!”

Paul Maré

CRM Architect Microsoft

“Your team was able to take a rough idea we had and turn it into a fine-tuned machine that brings out the competitive nature and spirit of our salesforce!”

Michael Mandella

Master General Agent AIL Fox Cities

“The response is incredible. Gamification is clearly powerful and CRMGamified is a good choice if you are using MS CRM.”

Kevin J. Morin

Chief Technology Officer Macro Connect, Inc.

“Hurrah has had a huge culture and communication impact. Reps love having their sales display on the TVs and management loves seeing a visualization of results.”

Jillian Paine

Director of Sales Boston Celtics

“The primary benefits [of using Hurrah!] are the visibility of results that the salespeople have individually… real-time access to where they stand versus their goals encourages them to chase their goals and not experience the typical performance lulls.”

Chris Atack

Director, Ticket Sales and Services Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

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