20 Sales Podcasts Every Team Leader Should Listen To

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There is an ever growing library of sales podcasts available out there on everything from tips and tricks of the trade to stories and studies related to the world of sales. When it comes to sales podcasts, the options are vast, so we’ve gathered a list of 20 sales podcasts that we think you can’t miss. Here are our top 20 must-listen sales podcasts:

1. Sales Influence – Why People Buy!

PODCAST Sales Influence – Why People Buy!In this podcast, business consultant, author and speaker, Victor Antonio discusses recent consumer behavior studies and neuromarketing trends and provides useful tips to boost sales.  This is a shorter podcast with engaging and relevant insights on the psychology of sales.

Episode Length: 9-25 mins.

Frequency: 2-3 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, PodBean.


2. Negotiate Anything

PODCAST Negotiate Anything podcastConsidered one of the best negotiation podcasts in the world, Negotiate Anything is hosted by the Director of the American Negotiation Institute, attorney, author and master negotiator Kwame Christian Esq. This podcast discusses the psychology behind negotiating techniques and tips to deal with difficult individuals. It aims to help listeners gain confidence and empower them in all areas of life.

Episode Length: 10-40 mins.

Frequency: 1-2 new episodes weekly.

Listen on:  iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM.


3. Conversations with Women in Sales

One of the rising stars in the world of sales podcasts, Women in Sales is an excellent source of information for female sales professionals making their way through a male dominated industry. According to a recent Linkedin report, women represent 39% of the workforce of this industry and only 21% of Vice Presidents in Sales are female. 

This podcast is aimed at empowering women into developing their skills set and thrive in the sales industry. Barb Giamanco interviews experienced and successful women in all sorts of topics, from leadership to social selling, B2B sales, overcoming obstacles, career development and management, etc. 

Episode Length: 20-35 mins.

Frequency: 2-6 new episodes monthly.

Listen on: Website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher.

4. The Sales Podcast

PODCAST The Sales Podcast Wes SchaefferCommonly known as The Sales Whisperer, author Wes Schaeffer interviews industry experts and provides useful advice on both sales and marketing. Sales coach, speaker and Hubspot partner, Schaeffer brings insightful observations and asks the right questions to ensure his listeners benefit from the time he spends with other experienced professionals.

Episode length: 30-60 mins.

Frequency: 2 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher.


5. Make it Happen Mondays with John Barrows

PODCAST Make it Happen Mondays with John BarrowsSales trainer and consultant, John Barrows, shares his advice on sales and how listeners can develop the skills every sales rep should have. As a consultant, Barrows has worked with companies like ZenDesk and Salesforce, and he brings his practical knowledge and actionable advice to his listeners. 

Episode Length: 40-50 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly, on Mondays.

Listen on: iTunes, Website.


6. The Sales Hacker Podcast

PODCAST The Sales Hacker PodcastNamed after the online community, The Sales Hacker Podcast is hosted by Sam Jacobs, consultant and founder of Revenue Collective, and provides useful insights, techniques and strategies related to B2B sales from sales experts and industry thought leaders. 

The podcast offers two different formats on two different days: on Mondays you can get a longer episode, with lots of information, tips and tricks, while on Fridays, Jacobs addresses simpler topics in under 10 minutes in a segment called “Friday Fundamentals.”

Episode Length: 8-45 mins.

Frequency: 2 new episodes weekly, on Mondays and Fridays.

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher


7. Get in the Door

PODCAST Get in the Door PodcastHosted by the Prospecting Expert himself, Steve Kloyda, this sales podcasts aims at helping sales reps close sales with anyone. He provides a series of useful tips and tricks, as well as personal experiences from his more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Kloyda talks about how to find potential buyers, turn them into leads, and fill your pipeline. This podcast is a good resource for those looking to better capture their potential customers’ attention and close more deals.

Episode length: 10-30 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly, on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Listen on: iTunes, PlayerFM, Website.


8.  Your Sales MBA Podcast

PODCAST Your Sales MBA PodcastEvery week listeners can find to-the-point, practical tips and tricks delivered by none others than Founder and CEO of Hoffman, Jeff Hoffman and VP, Cece Aparo. Enjoy episodes of just under 30 minutes with plenty of relatable day-to-day examples to help listeners advance in their careers.  

Episode Length: Approx. 20 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly.

Listen on: GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes.


9. Accelerate! With Andy Paul

PODCAST Accelerate! with Andy Paul With more than 40 years of experience in the sales industry and #8 on Linkedin’s “Top 50 Global Sales Experts to follow”, author and consultant Andy Paul hosts Accelerate!, a podcast dedicated to everything related to sales, from leadership to sales automation. He also chats with influential figures about specific topics to gain more in-depth perspectives and insightful tips. 

Episode Length: 30-45 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly.

Listen on: Website, iTunes


10. Sell or Die

Sales expert, trainer and speaker Jennifer Gluckow joins forces with best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer to host one of the most diverse podcasts in the field. They cover a wide variety of topics with the help of the top leaders in sales, business, marketing, and personal development. No matter if you are looking to learn more about strategies, habits, mindsets or other related topics, there is definitely something in this podcast for you.

Episode Length: 20-50 mins.

Frequency: 2 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: Website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast.


11. The Advanced Selling Podcast

PODCAST The Advanced Selling PodcastSales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale have assisted several hundred companies in improving their sales through a series of tips, tricks and strategies meant to grow their talent. Now, in this podcast, Caskey and Neale are sharing their insider experiences and wealth of knowledge with listeners. 

Episode Length: 15-35 mins.

Frequency: 4-6 new episodes monthly.

Listen on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play.


12. The Jordan Harbinger Show

podcast The Jordan Harbinger ShowAlthough not strictly related to sales, this podcast was selected as one of the “Best of 2018” and one of the “Most Downloaded New Shows” of the year, by Apple. Catalogued mainly as a self-improvement podcast, Jordan Harbinger is witty, knowledgeable and has an incredible gift for bringing the best out of his interviewees. 

You can find relatable stories and lessons from a diverse group of guests: from an FBI negotiator to a business guru, a PhD scientist to superstar Kobe Bryant, there is something for everyone. The most impressive feature? Practical advice.

Episode Length: 45 mins – 1.5 hr.

Frequency: 2-3 new episodes weekly.

Listen on:  Website, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn.


13. Entrepreneurs on Fire

podcast Entrepreneurs on FireThis award-winning podcast (Best of iTunes) is hosted by John Lee Dumas, a retired army officer and author. Lee Dumas interviews some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of our time, including Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Barbara Corcoran and talks about some of their greatest, most disappointing and enriching experiences. This podcast is great for anyone thinking about starting their own business and building up their sales operations. There are over 2,000 episodes to binge. Enjoy!

Episode Length: 4 mins – 1 hr.

Frequency:  1 new episode daily.

Listen on: SoundCloud, Website, iTunes.


14. Conquer Local with George Leith

podcast Conquer Local with George LeithWhen it comes to increasing sales of small businesses, George Leith is the perfect mentor. Chief Revenue Officer at Vendasta, Leith has conquered the world of digital marketing, a field in which most small businesses struggle. In his podcast, Leith provides useful advice to both small and big businesses wanting to increase their number of sales and lifelong customers. Engaging yet short, his podcasts are ideal for a long commute or lunch break.

Episode Length: 25-30 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly, on Wednesdays.

Listen on: Website, Google Play, Soundcloud, iTunes.


15. The Salesman Podcast

podcast The Salesman PodcastThe most downloaded B2B sales and selling podcast in the world (+500,000 downloads every month),The Salesman Podcast has been around for a while. In no more than 30 minutes, British sales professional and host, Will Barron, digests complex sales-related topics, turning them into useful, down-to-Earth explanations for sales reps from all over the globe. 

Barron asks incisive questions to his guests on a wide range of topics, including body language and emotional intelligence, and no matter if you are a freshman salesperson or an experienced executive, there is always something new to learn. 

Episode Length: Approx. 30 mins.

Frequency: 4-6  new episodes monthly.

Listen on: Overcast, iTunes, Stitcher. 


16. Sales Gravy

podcast sales gravy Best selling author, keynote speaker and sales coach Jeb Blount delivers all his knowledge and insights, as well as practical, actionable tips and reminders to incorporate to your daily routine as a salesperson. Episodes are generally short, explanations are clear and concise, and episodes include not only sales tips but also quite a few remarks on the psychology behind purchasing and selling.

Episode Length: 5-60 mins.

Frequency: 1 to 2 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: Stitcher, iTunes, Website


17. The Sales Evangelist Podcast

podcast The Sales Evangelist PodcastWith more than 1,000 episodes, the Sales Evangelist podcast is definitely one to keep an eye on. An eclectic mix of practical recommendations, industry trends, and sales experiences makes episodes interesting and entertaining. Host, senior sales professional Donald C. Kelly helps entrepreneurs and salespeople from all over increase their prospects and ultimately, make more money from their sales, while also addressing other related fields.

Episode Length: 15-40 mins.

Frequency: 2-3 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: Website, Stitcher, iTunes


18. #FlipMyFunnel with Sangram Vajre

FlipMyFunnel podcast

#FlipMyFunnel is considered one of the top business sales podcasts. Entrepreneur, co-founder and CMO of Terminus, Sangram Vajre hosts. He discusses topics such as marketing, sales, content marketing, customer success, and leadership with guests from all walks of life, providing fresh perspectives of the industry. 

Episode Length: 10-40 mins.

Frequency: 1 new episode daily.

Listen on: Spotify, iTunes.


19.  Sales Game Changers Podcast | Tips From Top Sales Execs

podcast Sales Game Changers Podcast | Tips From Top Sales ExecsCo-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales, Fred Diamond, hosts the Sales Game Changers Podcast. He interviews top sales executives to reveal valuable insights for success in sales as well as the power of coaching and mentorship. This podcast is ideal for younger sales professionals who wish to make their mark on the industry, develop successful habits, and get acquainted with day-to-day operations.

Episode length: 20-45 mins.

Frequency: 2 new episodes weekly.

Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher.


20. The Marketing Book Podcast

podcast The Marketing Book PodcastThere are so many great books on professional growth, updated techniques and industry trends, and yet most of us barely have the time to sit and enjoy a good read. The Marketing Book Podcast provides a solution for this conundrum: stand-up comedian, Douglas Burdett, interviews prominent best-selling authors of sales and marketing books. They discuss the essentials of each book and distil them down to the most important information for sales professionals to know. Burdett is entertaining and makes a point of getting practical advice from the authors he interviews. 

Episode Length: 45 mins – 1,5 hr.

Frequency: 1 new episode weekly, on Fridays.

Listen on: Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM.


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