5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Sales Team

Communication is the key element that will build confidence, reinforce engagement and boost productivity among your sales team. 

Effective communication is one of the hardest and most complex skills to handle.  When something goes terribly wrong or sales productivity goes stale, the source of the problem usually is a miscommunication of some sort.

But what is the secret to overcoming this issue? Effective sales team communication is not just about pushing product updates and pricing information. It needs to also be a way to keep your team motivated, engaged with work and aligned with the company’s financial goals and values.

And there’s an extra catch. When it comes to salespeople, it’s a known fact that they are super busy and have short attention spans, which makes this challenge even harder.

Here are some ways to get your message across and encourage a dialogue!

Think goals first

Before rushing into making any sort of communication to the team, think clearly about what you want to say. Define what the outcome of the conversation needs to be.  

Salespeople often get driven by the rush of pursuing clear and defined objectives. So much so that a recent Harvard Business Review survey revealed that 70% of employees are more engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategies.

One way to keep everyone’s eye on the goal is to create a display of important metrics like KPIs and updates to provide visibility to the whole team. This not only helps to bring transparency to the sales process, but it also increases engagement and encourages people to align their personal goals with the organization’s goals.

Make it audience-oriented and exciting

Another fundamental aspect of effective sales team communication is getting to know who you’re talking with. How much effort do you put into getting to know your sales team? Are you aware of their personal and professional aspirations? Have you asked them about their goals and dreams?

Your communication style should vary depending on to whom you’re trying to send the message.

Furthermore, don’t be shy when it comes to getting visual and creative. Like we pointed out before, salespeople typically have high workloads and it’s not easy to catch their attention. Add a fun image or GIF in an email, slack channel, leaderboard, etc. when announcing important milestones, or sharing goals, organizing events, launching new benefits, awards, etc.

Practice empathy and use emotion

People aren’t robots. Behind the numbers, facts, and figures, there’s always a human being that will react to what you have to say. Engaging emotion in the communication process is essential to build confidence and trust between management and the sales team.

Every great leader knows the great power that empathy beholds, and that, in other words, is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This, along with honesty, is the ultimate key to achieve effective communication.

Keep it real and you will gain enough respect so that when you have something to say, everybody will listen.

Learn to listen

As managers, we often tend to love talking too much. Never forget that communication is a two-way street.

Always be open to dialogue and hear what each member of the team has to say. To ease this process, it’s highly recommendable to hold periodic check-ins.

Remember that these instances aren’t just for you to impart information. Make sure that you take this chance to let others speak their mind, share their ideas and also concerns about the present and future of the company.

Provide training

In order to keep the close rate up and growing, it’s important to provide all kinds of incentives for your staff to continue evolving.

One of the best ways to go is giving your team constant learning opportunities through training programs.

By offering these opportunities you will not only provide them with new tools on how to approach and captivate new customers, but you will also renew their energies, motivation and contribute to creating a good work environment.

Furthermore, training in communication skills can be a very good way to eliminate negative vibes and useless confrontations among staff members.

Some of our clients use our software to run training videos for the sales team to find out about new products and latest offers.

After all, what better way to learn new things than through a fun interactive experience at work?

We hope this post has provided you with some food for thought for improving communication within your sales team!

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