healthy competition

Healthy Sales Competition: A Myth or Reality?

You may have heard someone argue, “Healthy competition is an oxymoron.” At CRM Gamified, we’d like to politely disagree (at least when it comes to competition on the sales floor)!

Here’s why.

Competitions can help your sales team break through that proverbial “glass ceiling.” When a previous record is broken, it helps everyone to realize that the only limits they have are merely figments of their imagination. Time to remove them!

Competition is also great because it leaves no room for complacency. Becoming complacent is one of the most detrimental things that can happen at an individual, team, and organizational level. Everyone could use a push to steer clear of it, hence a good ole’ sales competition to keep even the top performers on their toes.

If done properly, a competitive atmosphere can raise engagement, satisfaction, and performance levels in a sales department.

Here are some of the ways that healthy sales competition can actually exist:

1. Designing a sales contest with collaboration in mind

Instead of throwing “every man for himself” contests, have team contests that boost collaboration, where members of the teams motivate each other and work harder for fear of letting each other down. When teammates come together, they will inevitably get to know each other better, increasing the quality of their relationships and subsequently, job satisfaction. Research shows that having quality relationships at work boosts productivity and job satisfaction. When employees have a best friend at work, they are less likely to be disengaged.  

There is also a neurological argument in favor of holding group sales competitions. A study from NYU and Carnegie Mellon found that people do feel a “reward response” in the orbitofrontal cortex when “punishing” a competitor, but that same pleasure is experienced even more so when cooperating with someone who is on their side.

2. Having salespeople compete against themselves

On the other hand, it can also prove beneficial to design contests in which participants have to beat their own personal bests. It’s often stated that there is no use in comparing oneself to others, but we can always become a better version of ourselves. It’s the same in sales. A way to implement a contest of this nature would be to see who can increase their close rate by the greatest percent in a certain period of time. This is useful because it’s not always effective to only reward top performers. For salespeople who haven’t yet tapped into their full potential, this would be a great way to incentivize them to find out how, and sooner.

3. Creating a tag-team competition

When it comes to salespeople who are “newer to the game,” a great way to also help them realize their full potential is to pair them up with a veteran team member. This way, there is still collaboration and knowledge sharing as the two engage in a “mentor and mentee” relationship, further promoting bonding within the sales floor.

4. Emphasizing the process over the end result

Remind everyone that just by participating, even if they do not win, they are certain to come out of it a better salesperson, as they work on honing their skills. After the contest is over, have participants share any new methods or practices they tried out along the way and whether they worked well or not. Sometimes it’s just as important to learn what NOT to do as it is to learn what to do. In the end, a contest is an opportunity for everyone to help each other become better at their craft.

5. Instilling an abundance mindset

There is only so much money to go around, so much love, so much friendship, so much learning… Right?

Of course not!

Possessing a scarcity mindset like this is when organizations are set up for failure. Napoleon Hill, author of the highly acclaimed, Think and Grow Rich, claimed that successful people have an abundance mindset. When someone has an abundance mindset, they don’t believe in the notion that someone else’s success comes at a cost to their own. Keeping a healthy mindset such as that of abundance will translate into healthy competition.

With all of these tips on keeping sales competition healthy and fun, we hope you can take away some new ideas to bring to your team. Remember, clear communication and transparency are also key to making it stick. We created Hurrah! Leaderboards so that teams can quickly see the results of their team efforts, acknowledge those who are excelling, and add some more fun to the floor. Learn more about Hurrah! Leaderboards today!