7 Facts about Employees Engagement

It is well known that employees today feel disengaged with their work; they want to be motivated and stay that way! They need continuous feedback and recognition and unfortunately the companies they work for are doing little or nothing about it. Employees are likely to say “Yes” to engagement platforms and even more likely if said platforms were to incorporate game elements!

So, is gamification “the Chemical X” when it comes to increasing Employee Engagement?


Read “7 Facts about Employee Engagement” based on a recently released Survey conducted by TA and find out!


Employees feel disengaged with their work

It is a fact! In the current marketplace employees feel disengaged and demotivated: A recent study shows that approximately 70% of American workers do not feel engaged at work and this affects both their performance and their happiness.iStock_000016016279XSmall

How does engagement affect their performance? Well…It has been proven that employees who are not motivated do not perform to their full potential, they pay less attention to their tasks and often quit their jobs due to lack of engagement.

Companies are not using any type of digital engagement platform

Even though the importance of engagement is clear, US businesses lose approximately $500 billion per year because of their employees’ disengagement, which leads to poor productivity and below average work.

An Employee Engagement Report reveals that more than two-thirds of interviewed employees work in a company that is not using any type of digital engagement platform. Which, I dare say, means that many companies are missing huge opportunities to increase employees´ motivation!

Teams believe in engagement Programs

Apart from knowing what the current “relation” between companies and engagement programs is, it is essential to be aware of how employees feel about it. This is what recent studies have shown: 2/3 of employees believe in Engagement Programs and feel digital engagement software would help them perform better at work.


whatgamificationaddstocrmEmployees need feedback

Another relationship to be aware of is that between a manager and an employee. A survey on this topic reveals that a lack of feedback from superiors can cause employees to feel unappreciated and unrecognized, as they feel their work goes unnoticed.

Gamification software helps provide instant feedback and recognition

Gamification software is a great tool! It can help fulfill an employee’s need to feel appreciated and valued by providing instant feedback and recognition, driving and reinforcing positive behaviors among workers.


  1.     Employees would be more likely to perform a task if it had game elements

Most of us like to include games in our daily lives, but how about at work? The survey reveals that 54 percent of employees would be more likely to perform daily tasks that incorporated game elements!


  1. Employees want to stay motivated

An important aspect for successful tasks and positive results is motivation and employees expressed the need to stay motivated; 25% of them said they felt engagement software would help them stay motivated, 70% said it would help them perform better.


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