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CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions announce their partnership!

CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions have joined forces and announced their partnership. This new alliance aims to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform users with a unique and unified technological marvel. Helping them draw, analyze and organize data within CRM while increasing user motivation!   About Green 4 Solutions Green 4 Solutions, CRM, ticketing and Loyalty […]

Recruitment Companies discover Hurrah!

Motivating teams and driving behaviors that improve performance is Hurrah! Leaderboard’s main purpose. Hurrah! is already out there helping professional sports organizations’ sales teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS, as well as Life Insurance Companies and Technology Companies improve productivity, boost sales and perform key sales activities every day. But the scope of […]

CRMGamified® is happy to announce New Partnership

Here at CRMGamified® headquarters the air smells like fresh good news! The CRMGamified® team is happy to announce its new partnership with goERPcloud!   When you think of reducing operating costs and solutions that motivate, drive effectiveness and improve productivity think of goERPcloud cloud and CRMGamified combination.   About goERPcloud goERPcloud is the first on-demand […]

Creating a memorable experience by An Coppens

Gamification in my view is all about creating memorable experiences. Most of us will remember an awesome win, a feel good moment, a company that valued us, an element of surprise, also we remember the big losses and epic fails as well as the not so nice ‘oops’ did that just happen or did I […]

Not all gamification is created equal

I read an article recently that focused on a peer to peer model of gamification.  The company has published some data that on the surface tells us all to beware of gamification in the workplace.  And while I am a gamification advocate… …I couldn’t agree more! Here are the points the author made, which I […]

Why Wait for Sales Success?

I often hear from clients that they are in the midst of their CRM upgrade and they feel it’s best to wait until after deployment to implement gamification and productivity solutions.  Of course, I understand that everyone is busy and technology implementations require attention.   And while I appreciate that resource and time management are issues, […]

AlfaPeople MiddleEast and CRMGamified® has today confirmed their CRM user adoption obsession

AlfaPeople MiddleEast and CRMGamified® has today confirmed their CRM user adoption obsession Dubai, UAE   AlfaPeople MiddleEast has today announced its strategic partnership with CRMGamified®. AlfaPeople MiddleEast has a long tradition of keeping Dynamics CRM simple and driving user adoption as a pre requisite to a successful deployment. AlfaPeople are excited at the opportunity of […]

Gamification for Data Quality

Another big trend, growing alongside of gamification is the collection and analysis of “Big Data”.  Decision makers now more than ever have access to large amounts of data to support logical, successful decisions, changes in strategy, product updates, customer service offerings and more.  This trend shines a bright spotlight on the importance of data quality. […]

It’s all about Productivity !

In discussing gamification these days, I like to remind people that gamification is nothing more than a set of productivity tools.  Though gamification is a “nice” add- on, productivity is a necessity.  With the Internet on their desktops, smartphones in their hands and leftover holiday goodies in the kitchen, employees are continually distracted at work […]

What if it was FUN? by Monica Cornetti

What if it was FUN?   The reality is… you enjoy playing games. You’ve been playing games since the days of cavemen, and it is your nature to compare yourself to see how you measure up to others.   Games drive emotions, build loyalty, and create character. What if you could take game mechanics like […]

Hurrah! and how it can work for you

Hi everyone! Do you recall my telling you about Hurrah!? Well if you weren’t paying attention before you should definitely pay attention now, because today I will share with you some common problems that Hurrah! can help solve. Common problems among Sales Managers and VPs: Reaching sales goals Accelerating sales cycles and closing more deals […]