Hurrah! 4.0 Press Release

Everything You Need to Know About Hurrah! 4.0 We are constantly working to improve our product to meet the needs of our clients, expand capability, and improve user experience. This time we’ve taken things a step further, and we think you’ll like what we’ve done. Our development and customer success teams joined forces to take […]

healthy competition

Healthy Sales Competition: A Myth or Reality?

You may have heard someone argue, “Healthy competition is an oxymoron.” At CRM Gamified, we’d like to politely disagree (at least when it comes to competition on the sales floor)! Here’s why. Competitions can help your sales team break through that proverbial “glass ceiling.” When a previous record is broken, it helps everyone to realize […]

5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Sales Team

Communication is the key element that will build confidence, reinforce engagement and boost productivity among your sales team.  Effective communication is one of the hardest and most complex skills to handle.  When something goes terribly wrong or sales productivity goes stale, the source of the problem usually is a miscommunication of some sort. But what […]

Sales Contests Do's and Don'ts

Sales Contests Do’s and Don’ts: How to Create an Awesome Competition to Encourage Your Sales Team

When used effectively, sales contests are a great tool to inspire the team, boost productivity and achieve new levels of employee satisfaction. In the following post, we’ll openly share our knowledge of the subject. Ready to learn all the do’s and don’ts of sales contests? A recent study conducted by Deloitte illustrates the importance of […]

How to Build a Sales Leaderboard

How to Easily Build a Sales Leaderboard

Have you heard about the benefits of Sales Leaderboards and how they can change the workplace environment? Are you looking for a solution that will motivate your team’s daily tasks and create a healthy competition between reps? In this post, you will discover why Leaderboards are a powerful tool and how to set one up! […]

7 Strategies You Can Use To Improve Sales Productivity

Sales productivity has a significant impact on revenue and is the ultimate key factor for success in any type of business. For sales reps, improving sales productivity means maximizing results while minimizing the resources expended. This is no easy challenge. According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Management, two-thirds of sales reps fail to reach their […]

Top 6 CRM Gamification Mistakes (And How to Solve Them)

The Top 6 CRM Gamification Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

When we implement Gamification on our CRM, we expect to take full advantage of it. Right? In this post, we are going to show you the most common mistakes during this process, so you can be aware and avoid them at all costs. Don’t let any small hiccups stop you from getting all the benefits […]


How Sales Leaderboards Help Promote Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are probably the two most important elements fueling successful organizations. A Harvard Business Review survey revealed that 70% of employees are more engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategies. But how can leaderboards help to fully embrace these concepts? When it comes to boosting sales through employee engagement, transparency […]