CRMGamified at Convergence 13. It’s getting better and better! – Day 3

Hi Everybody! Well, I wanted to write a quick post to show you the pictures from day 3. Since I posted quick updates on day 1 and day 2 it kind of feels like a tradition now. 😛 This time I’ll try something new. One of the things that’s special about this year’s Convergence is […]

Gamification is the flavor of the season! – Convergence 2013 – Day 2

Hi everybody! It’s day 2 of Convergence13 and we have more pictures for you! We are enjoying Convergence so much! It’s not only that we are getting the chance to share a lot of information with members of this amazing community but we also get to meet a lot of new colleagues while we hang […]

CRMGamified at Convergence 2013 – Day 1

Hi everybody!  We are all having so much fun here at Convergence 2013 that I can barely write a quick post just to share the joy of seeing so many friends visiting our booth #457. As you can see in these pictures people are having a blast playing our “Kinect-ized” version of CRMGamified®. SO, COME […]

13 Tips for Convergence 13

Hey everybody! Wow. The past few weeks were really exciting for us. Just a few days ago we’ve launched our release candidate version. That means our final release is just around the corner; and you’ll probably be able to get it in the next couple of days.  Soon after that, as we’ve already told you, […]

CRMGamified Release Candidate is here!

Hi all, It has been months of getting a lot of feedback from this wonderful community, months of exciting and challenging goals, months of having the honor to lead an extraordinary professional team. This week, we reached a very important milestone, announcing the availability of CRMGamified® Release Candidate version☺ . You have no idea of how hard […]

Gamification Vs Procrastination: The Game of Life

Hi Everybody! Today we’d like to share an awesome little article we’ve just found on Lifehacker. As you probably now, Lifehacker is a website from which you can get all sort of tips to improve your productivity at work or your life in general. It’s a very useful resource that is usually lots of fun […]

Down the Mississipi, down to New Orleans! Convergence 2013, here we go!

Hi everybody! How is that 2013 treating you? This is just a quick post to tell you that we are going to be exhibitors at Convergence 2013! Oh yeah! We are going to New Orleans! We are soooo hyped. In case you don’t know, this is the awesomest event for everything Microsoft Dynamics. We go […]

A CRM ROI Calculator for the ROI you don’t have yet!

Hello Everybody! Do you remember that little post we shared about the 10 deadly sins in CRM Adoption? It was really just a quick translation to English of the key points in Pablo Peralta’s original in Spanish. Well, that article was our top content for November. It brought us tons of visitors, many of whom […]