CRMGamified® 2013 is here!

Hold on to your seat, this is an IMPORTANT announcement by CRMGamified®… Today, we are publicly announcing the release of the new version of our leading gamification add-on for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, CRMGamified® 2013. It has been an exciting time for our company, also filled with many sleepless nights since our first CRMGamified® release at Convergence […]

Gamification Vs Procrastination: The Game of Life

Hi Everybody! Today we’d like to share an awesome little article we’ve just found on Lifehacker. As you probably now, Lifehacker is a website from which you can get all sort of tips to improve your productivity at work or your life in general. It’s a very useful resource that is usually lots of fun […]

A CRM ROI Calculator for the ROI you don’t have yet!

Hello Everybody! Do you remember that little post we shared about the 10 deadly sins in CRM Adoption? It was really just a quick translation to English of the key points in Pablo Peralta’s original in Spanish. Well, that article was our top content for November. It brought us tons of visitors, many of whom […]

CRM Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2012

Hello Everybody! Today we’d like to share Louis Columbus’ Roundup of CRM Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2012 with you. We bumped into his blog post on Forbes but the original article can be found in his own “A Passion for Research” site. It’s a very clear and concise list of key predictions based on Gartner […]

4 out of 5 Current Gamified Applications Will Fail To Meet Business Objectives By 2014, Due To Poor Design

That’s what Gartner analysts expressed in the context of the webinar “Gamification Trends and Strategies to Help Prepare for the Future” held on November 28. In an effort to evaluate the importance of the current gamification trend, Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner, indicated that “Poor game design is one of the key failings […]

Nucleus Research: 80% of the potential ROI from CRM is yet to be achieved.

You know this CRM / Gamification connection we keep telling you about? The one that’s in the core of our business and justifies our very existence? 😉 We are still seeing it everywhere, and we are sure you are too! We’ve already told you about that Gartner prediction of how gamification is expected to transform operations […]

10 Deadly Sins in CRM User Adoption wrote by Pablo Peralta

10 Deadly Sins in CRM User Adoption

Hi Everybody! Today we have a very interesting blog post published by the MVP behind CRMGamified, Pablo Peralta, in which he explains the importance of User Adoption for CRM. The original piece is in Spanish, but we’d like to share an outline of the key concepts with you. Pablo’s article is entitled 10 Deadly Sins […]