Outbound Sales Win Big with Hurrah! Leaderboards [Case Study]

After just one month using Hurrah!

Case Study Sales Improvement Statistics

[The Study]

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), based in Ottawa, Canada, manages three of the city’s premier sports teams and live entertainment events. Looking to develop their outbound sales culture with a more engaging sales team environment, they chose  Hurrah! Leaderboards, to introduce gamification into their daily activities. Hurrah!’s simple, high-impact solution with for tracking KPIs and broadcasting live updates helped OSEG transform their sales team culture and engage employees with their goals. In no time they were seeing positive impact on team dynamics and sales results.

[The Results]

Compared to previous seasons, after just one month using Hurrah!, the sales team surged ahead in annual campaign sales by $2 million—a 61% improvement. While a variety of factors will have played a role in this outstanding progress, OSEG leadership considers Hurrah! to be an important contributor. In fact, Sales Director, Chris Atack was confident that Hurrah! is directly responsible for at least a 10% improvement in performance, representing a return 81 times the value of their initial annual investment in just 1 month.

[The Takeaway]

OSEG’s impressive results with Hurrah! demonstrate just how much impact team culture has on sales performance.

“[Hurrah!] keeps them focused in on the activities that are important to their managers and to the organization, and it encourages that sense of camaraderie and teamwork that you need. Even though sales people are individual contributors, they’re all part of a team that has a much wider goal that’s way more important than their individual goals. So bringing the team together is a big benefit of a tool like Hurrah!”

Creating a positive, motivational culture for your employees is more important than ever. OSEG and many other outstanding companies are investing in their sales teams with a Hurrah! subscription. Learn more about how you can transform your work environment and start seeing results today!