Case Study: Outbound Sales Win Big with Hurrah! Leaderboards

After just one month using Hurrah!

Case Study Sales Improvement Statistics

[The Study]

Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), based in Ottawa, Canada, manages three of the city’s premier sports teams and live entertainment events. Looking to develop their outbound sales culture with a more engaging sales team environment, they chose  Hurrah! Leaderboards, to introduce gamification into their daily activities. Hurrah!’s simple, high-impact solution with for tracking KPIs and broadcasting live updates helped OSEG transform their sales team culture and engage employees with their goals. In no time they were seeing positive impact on team dynamics and sales results.

[The Results]

Compared to previous seasons, after just one month using Hurrah!, the sales team surged ahead in annual campaign sales by $2 million—a 61% improvement. While a variety of factors will have played a role in this outstanding progress, OSEG leadership considers Hurrah! to be an important contributor. In fact, Sales Director, Chris Atack was confident that Hurrah! is directly responsible for at least a 10% improvement in performance, representing a return 81 times the value of their initial annual investment in just 1 month.

[The Takeaway]

OSEG’s impressive results with Hurrah! demonstrate just how much impact team culture has on sales performance.

“[Hurrah!] keeps them focused in on the activities that are important to their managers and to the organization, and it encourages that sense of camaraderie and teamwork that you need. Even though sales people are individual contributors, they’re all part of a team that has a much wider goal that’s way more important than their individual goals. So bringing the team together is a big benefit of a tool like Hurrah!”

Creating a positive, motivational culture for your employees is more important than ever. OSEG and many other outstanding companies are investing in their sales teams with a Hurrah! subscription. Learn more about how you can transform your work environment and start seeing results today!


Dallas Cowboys use Hurrah! to Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

Cowboys_Stadium_fieldThe Dallas Cowboys hold several sporting honors, including being the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons.

The Cowboys have a robust sales department that had already been using a CRM since 2007 to track and log sales, but they were lacking a reporting tool.


After seeing the way the Hurrah! system’s Big Event alerts worked when sales were recorded, the CRM management team got excited—and knew that if it attracted their attention, it would do the same for their sales reps!



See how Hurrah! helped Dallas Cowboys Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

The Minnesota Timberwolves Win BIG with Sales Motivation Technology

012308-TC-Twolves001The history of the Minnesota Timberwolves, an NBA expansion team formed in 1989 is full of great players and impressive accomplishments. They headed to the playoffs 8 consecutive times from 97-2004 and beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls in their heyday.

Their Sales team also has a proud history, setting the league attendance record their first year in existence, drawing more than a million fans.

See how Hurrah! created the same excitement in their offices as on the court!


Boston Celtics Crashing the Sales Boards with Hurrah!

^69972C1013CD44DD0A705EA0F142E76F9BF9C78E2B1341FE90^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe Boston Celtics, the most successful NBA franchise with 17 championships – more than any other NBA club – has relied on both its historical legacy and modern technology to achieve sales growth.

The Celtics sales team knew about respecting the trust of the fan
and bonding season ticket holders with the team long-term as a
priority, but measuring sales and encouraging the sales group was another story.



Hurrah! Live in the Boston Celtics Offices


See how Hurrah! became an exciting tool to develop their own sales tournament!

Download the Case Study Here 

Charlotte Hornets’ Case Study Now Available!

See how the Charlotte Hornets are celebrating the wins, having fun and fostering a culture of motivation and success with Hurrah!

Director of Database Marketing and Analytics, Chris Zeppenfeld has relied on CRM and data for more than 7 years to increase sales and engage and satisfy the Hornets’ fans, achieving all their stated goals.

But something was missing. All the data and metrics were in CRM but they didn’t have a good way to display those metrics or their many dashboards. Unless you were literally inside the CRM, those metrics were not visible to everyone. They wanted something like an ESPN-style ticker, to keep everyone up to date and focused on important goals.

That’s when they discovered Hurrah!


Hurrah! Live in Charlotte Hornet’s Offices.

Apart from celebrating the wins, having some fun and fostering a culture of motivation and success, they are now able to see what’s happening and focus on what really matters.

Download the Full Case Study HERE

Miami Dolphins Accelerate Sales with Hurrah! Leaderboard®

Increasing sales, achieving goals and motivating sales people is the fundamental challenge faced by all sales & marketing organizations. 

The Dolphins Management team wanted to do so while also gathering actionable data to use in decision making. They already had a CRM in place and used by Sales, but did not want it to become a stumbling block as they pushed harder and harder to exceed goals.

Vice President of Sales, Nick Forro and his Sales Managers sought an easy to use motivational tool that would drive successful sales behaviors while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere and culture of success.

The challenge then- to achieve higher ticket sales than ever before without forsaking CRM.

Walls, Roller and Forro agreed that a tool to engage and motivate sales people tied to Dynamics CRM would be ideal.  They chose Hurrah! Leaderboard®.

Download the Case Study for details!

Miami Dolphins accelerates Sales with Hurrah! Leaderboard®