Hurrah! is one of the Top Sales Gamification Solutions on G2 Crowd

Great news! We were just ranked as one of the best software companies for Sales Gamification on G2 Crowd!

We’ve been following this leading B2B product review company for a while (including as users), and we really appreciate how they effectively help when it comes to choosing the right product to fit your needs. The review method is impartial and fair in getting to know more about any solution.

That’s why we’re so excited to find ourselves ranked highly in the Sales Gamification section! As G2 Crowd explains on their website, the software in this category “enhances the sales process by adding competition and recognition as additional motivation for sales representatives.”

How did we get there?

The process applied to build the “Sales Gamification Grid”, as they mention on the website, is “determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact)”.

This accomplishment is a direct result of how our customers appreciate what we do. If we are among the best in sales gamification, our clients are to thank.

Hurrah! Leaderboards Reviews Page at G2Crowd


We have to admit that for every new review on our page, we carefully analyze in detail! We make sure to heed all advice and understand what we’re doing well and what we need to work on. Which means that each review drives our daily work and future plans!

For example, when the Jacksonville Jaguars Sales Manager, Jeff Miranda, wrote “Hurrah! gives us the ability to efficiently communicate within our sales department and do it in an exciting way”. We got a sense of “mission accomplished” by knowing that the key values we give to Hurrah! are actually being performed.

Hurrah! gives us the ability to efficiently communicate within our sales department and do it in an exciting way, Customer Review Hurrah Leaderboards

This also happened when we read the thoughts of the Director of Strategy & Analytics at Memphis Grizzlies, who stated, “Hurrah! helps to create a competitive atmosphere on the sales floor, gamifies the sales experience, incentivizes CRM use among reps, and is an easy way for active sales reps to get noticed by executives”.

Want to check some other reviews? Check out Hurrah’s profile at G2 Crowd!

If you have any question or thought that you would like to share, do not doubt in getting in touch with us!

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Salesforce Users, Meet Better Results with Hurrah! Leaderboards

The day that many have been hoping for is finally here, we’ve integrated Hurrah! Leaderboards with the most popular CRM on the market, Salesforce.

The number of data sources that our product integrates with has grown over time, starting out with Dynamics CRM, leading to multiple data source integrations with several contact center systems, and now Salesforce, making Hurrah! Leaderboards accessible to more sales and customer service teams, spanning every key industry.

Today, we invite the Salesforce community to employ our gamification technology and watch revenues, ROI and productivity soar!

Because who doesn’t enjoy a little healthy competition to get the needle moving?

Gamifying your CRM with Hurrah! means turning the completion of everyday tasks into a game or competition amongst teams or individuals. Organizations who use Hurrah! have reported experiencing added excitement and instant gratification around the sales process. The ability to have consolidated business data, improved CRM user adoption, innovative reporting, new communication channels, and most importantly: improved sales performance.

Hurrah! takes your Salesforce or other designated CRM experience to the next level since you can run contests, showcase rankings, and metrics, and play music, announcements, and videos, etc to liven up the workday. Keep your outbound team(s) engaged, motivated, and rewarded for their good work and effortlessly measure the results.

The Secret to Getting More Out of Your Salesforce CRM

To get started, simply connect Hurrah! Leaderboards to your Salesforce environment using your Salesforce credential. Then, pull the key metrics that you want to broadcast live on one or several TV screens on the sales or contact center floor for all the team to see. Team members and upper management can also view it in their web browsers.

There are so many different ways to leverage the features of Hurrah!. Display (in real-time) the number of calls completed by sales rep per day on your Leaderboard. Also, the revenue generated per team member. You can celebrate the closing of a new deal by playing a video featuring the successful sales rep!

With Hurrah! in your toolkit, you’ll notice winning reps bask in their glory and work hard to defend their title. While underperformers decide to kick it up a notch in order to show the rest of the team who’s “boss”.

Hurrah! Leaderboards are available for Salesforce

As shown in the image above, you can create slides using our metric customization platform within minutes, relaying any data that you have that is in your Salesforce environment and/or other places such as Microsoft Excel or relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2.

Not only will you motivate and engage your team so that they compete with each other to surpass their targets, but there are several other positive benefits of gamification. First of all, it can be used to improve the accuracy and cleanliness of data.

Although tedious, it is imperative that prospective and current customer information be entered correctly, are up-to-date and neatly organized in your CRM in order for it to be an effective instrument of growth for your business. One way Hurrah! can aid in this area is the option to create challenges with rules that reward those who keep their Salesforce records detailed and up to date.

Another added benefit of CRM gamification is the resulting increased adoption rate of the CRM tool by your employees. What use is the Salesforce subscription you pay for if your team pays no mind to it, still stuck in its old ways? Gamification will add incentive for your employees to work within the tool. As it will be the only way they can outrank others, boosting individual accountability and the level of transparency within the team.

Last but not least, Hurrah! Leaderboards will help teams using Salesforce to generate live reports accurately and instantly. Due to the improved accuracy of data entry and higher adoption rate, your reports will be more trustworthy and complete. Save time on reporting and focus on your outbound, revenue-generating activities instead.

Are you ready to make a big, positive impact on the culture of your team? Salesforce combined with Hurrah!, Leaderboards can allow you to grow your revenue, track KPI’s, encourage a healthy, competitive atmosphere, and share important milestones throughout your team and with executive level management instantly.

See for yourself how!


Ale Morales
CEO @ CRMGamified

Announcing Hurrah! Leaderboards Enterprise Edition with Multiple Datasource Integration

It’s been a busy first half for our Customer Success representatives! Who are in charge of signing new companies up every month. They thoroughly guide every new client through our innovative real-time leaderboards and enterprise gamification processes.

Whether it was the Sales or Customer Service crew of a recognized Sports team, a Professional Service, or an IT shop. We have come to the conclusion that they were all facing similar challenges before knowing about Hurrah!. Although some of them were already tracking their team’s performance by sketching a set of business goals on a whiteboard or online spreadsheet, their method was very basic and old-fashioned.

Hurrah! has been specifically designed to automate and improve such process. It minimizes the hassle while providing an extremely friendly way for employees to stay tuned to their goals. As well as keeping them motivated over time while driving CRM adoption and boosting performance.

One key aspect of our successful leaderboard and performance monitoring tool is the ability to pull data in real time from the existing CRM system. Over the past couple of years, several of our fellow partners successfully implemented Hurrah!, and soon they came back to us with a feature request that caught our attention: the ability to pull some specific data from other data sources since the information was not always available within Dynamics CRM.

Our product development team took this challenge and isolated themselves from the external world for a few months. Today, after gaining some pounds, and performing lots of testing, we are proud to announce the results:

Hurrah! Leaderboards is now able to connect with the most popular enterprise database systems, and even Excel sheets!


So, what does this mean for a Sales or Customer Service Manager?

Well, either as a fellow partner or as a Dynamics CRM enthusiast, you will not only experience the same level of connectivity you currently have with your favorite CRM but also with other popular databases. Do you love our multi-column chart slide but have some sales data stored in the Phone Systems and Call Center software? Now, you can mix it up with all that rich data stored somewhere else. Such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Excel, to name a few. And broadcast it right away on the TV screens. Do you want to congratulate and launch the Big Event based on some valuable data stored in an external system, either an ERP or a billing system? No problem!

Obviously, this also opens the door to non-Dynamics CRM teams. Allowing Hurrah! to fit in more spaces. Eventually, it would also allow every organization who is willing to experience the excitement of live motivation, engagement, and success. Without considering the system they use to store data and CRM activities.

We trust this feature opens a wide variety of possibilities! Making the broadcast of valuable information a lot easier, regardless of its location.

Another feature we included in this new release, thanks to our customer’s feedback, is the Metric Customization Platform. Metrics are now easier to set up than ever, directly from the administration console (yes, the one that looks like PowerPoint™), just with some quick help from your IT guy and zero dependence on our implementation team.

Feeling excited, right? We encourage you to upgrade for free to the latest version of Hurrah! Enterprise as soon as possible, or ask for a Live Demo and see how it could easily plug into your non-Microsoft CRM system.

Ale Morales
CEO @ CRMGamified

How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

These days, it is not unusual to hear of companies using fantasy sports teams as part of their Sales Gamification Strategy. Dividing a sales force up into ‘teams’ improves sales team performance and improves sales pipeline quality through better CRM use. But a new trend observed by CRM Gamified finds that Sports Organizations themselves are enthusiastically embracing Gamification strategies for their own sales team organizations.

This is not surprising given the recent increase in sales for sporting events. The NBA alone set a record attendance for the 2015-2016 season with over 21 million fans attending games. And making a record for sellouts (723). With a need to manage large sales departments that are handling high volumes of ticket sales, gamification works particularly well with sports organizations to help sales teams benchmark performance, increase data reporting accuracy and increase sales.

How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

While most sales training includes a thorough onboarding process, they do little to ensure that reps will have an ongoing opportunity to advance their knowledge retention and selling skills.

According to a recent white paper on the future of sales training by Sales Performance International, “without systematic, ongoing learning and reinforcement, approximately 50% of the learning content is not retained within five weeks, much less applied, and within 90 days, 84% of what was initially learned is lost”. This highlights the need for a gamification product that is not only user-friendly. But also can continually be honing salespersons’ skills via the application of competition and engaging leaderboards.

Hurrah! Leaderboard is an example of this type of dynamic tool that shares sales data from CRM. And also engages sales teams with game elements such as rankings, awards, and recognition. All which can be tailored to the individual (custom alert songs, etc.). Further, when sales are made, details and custom sounds are displayed for everyone to see. These audio-visual cues serve to motivate the reps to make more sales and display accurate data. Meanwhile, lower sales performers are able to witness the best practices of higher sales makers and their corresponding revenue. Which in turn, motivates them to increase their sales.


These elements of the Hurrah! Leaderboard makes it a particularly compelling tool for sports organizations. The Dallas Cowboys, for example, are just one of many top sports leagues that have experienced success with the Hurrah! Leaderboard, especially appreciating the “live” recording and broadcasting of data via the Big Event alerts that the leaderboard utilizes.

The Dallas Cowboys chose Hurrah! Leaderboards

Using a set of pre-defined KPIs specific to the sports industry. Like Won Ticket Sales Opportunity, Won Renewal Ticket Cases, Total Full Season Revenue, and Premium Pack Revenue, to name a few examples. The Dallas Cowboys sales department chose the Hurrah! Leaderboard for its real-time reporting and tracking features. Combined with the audio-visual cues for motivating the sales team. As PJ Pepa, CRM Manager at the Dallas Cowboys states: “when using gamification software, use the best technology available with Hurrah! CRM!”

Meet us at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016!

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto is just around the corner. And we don’t want to miss the opportunity to let you know we’ll be there!

Partners from all over the world, don’t miss this great event! It offers amazing product sessions, success stories, networking, and much more. You will be learning while having fun!

Meet Hurrah! Leaderboards

If you are interested in getting information on how to increase user adoption and monitor your sales in real time, by applying gamification to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this would the perfect chance to meet our CEO, Ale Morales. You will be able to catch up on exciting news regarding both our CRM Partners and clients!

Also, we will be spreading the word about upcoming features on our Hurrah! broadcasting platform, which is the best tool to track your CRM performance in real time through TV screens strategically placed around your offices!

Join a growing list of top companies achieving more sales and increasing customer support in current dynamic markets.

In addition, if you want to know more about this awesome tool, feel free to check our Top 7 reasons for choosing Hurrah! Leaderboard, or get some insight from our success stories.

Register and learn more about Microsoft WPC!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Using Gamification to Improve CRM Engagement

2137737248_318e717653_oEncouraging employees to adopt a new technology within any organization can be challenging. Significant time and money are invested in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to be set up specifically to meet a company’s requirements. Also, the CRM is a key sales tool for tracking potential and existing customers. It is crucial that data is entered accurately and in a timely manner in the CRM system. This data will be used in making key business decisions within the company.


An organization knows that in order to see the returns on their investment in a CRM system, a variety of measurements and ways to encourage and motivate the employees to use the system need to be in place. Some approaches to encourage and motivate an employee are more effective than others, but how is one supposed to choose which approach is the best.

CRMGamified has modernized an old approach by leveraging gamification mechanics and applying it to human behavior. Gamification’s design overcomes existing obstacles that prevent or hinder employees from adopting a new technology. It promotes human behaviors that will lead to increasing the quantity and quality of customer data.

Problem Statement

More than ever, companies are implementing CRM systems. The gathering of customer data can be a key deciding factor in a company’s initiatives and the direction it takes in developing and selling its products. The data needs to be entered by employees who have customer facing roles accurately and in a timely manner.

Problems start when data is not being entered or it is not entered accurately. There are many reasons why a user does not enter the data. The following is a summary of some of the challenges a company has when trying to encourage an employee to adopt and use the CRM.

6914441342_775b4ab9a7_oData Entry

After a CRM system is implemented, data needs to be added to the system to create the reports required to facilitate decisions. If a user is asked to add data and they do not understand why this data is being entered or how it will be used to make corporate decisions, the data entry will get de-prioritized over other work that is perceived as more important.

The accuracy of the information

Data is being entered into the CRM system, but what is the quality of the data being inputted. Perhaps there is some uncertainty among the salespeople as to the type of information that should be entered or the information is too general. When the time comes for a decision to be made about a customer, there may not be sufficient data to make an informed decision.

Lack of involvement of in the CRM project,

When the key users of the system are not involved in the initial stages of the CRM project, the CRM may not properly take into account the work processes in place. The CRM is supposed to facilitate work and decisions not hinder them. Certain decisions may have been made that the user may not understand. The end result is resistance to using the CRM or feeling that the CRM creates more work for them by not incorporating their feedback into the project, a great way to get their buy-in is from the start of the CRM implementation.

wipe-97583_960_720Regular cleanup of the data to remove redundancy

Poorly entered data could generate redundant data and create inaccuracies in the CRM reports. Data needs to be reviewed periodically to remove any redundant records. Regularly cleaning up the data ensures the quality of the data.


Training is essential for the adoption of the CRM. If a user does not know how to use the CRM, he probably will enter the data incorrectly. Follow up training is necessary to cover any new or revised work processes. Users may feel attending the training not necessary and may want to focus their efforts on selling. This type of thinking impacts the quantity and quality of data.

There are many tactics that can be utilized to encourage and motivate employees to use a CRM system. This white paper explores the use of gamification as one tactic to motivate a user and improve the quality and quantity of data entry in a CRM system.”

The CRM Gamification Solution

iconFooterThe implementation of a recognition and reward system encourages and motivates employees to use the CRM system. Ultimately you want to reward and recognize desirable behaviors. Achievement and recognition are the top two motivation factors. These factors need to be in place for an employee to have satisfaction at work. The reward system can use points, badges, rankings, leaderboards, levels, missions, and real-time feedback to motivate and reward employees for their efforts.

What is Gamification

This is where the use of gamification tactics come in. Gamification takes an action that your team perceives as dull and uninteresting and injects some fun into it. Gamification uses game design techniques to motivate people to achieve their goals. It is about taking an application and applying game mechanics to make it engaging. Gamification will help you to reward users for their contributions.

Where to Apply Gamification in CRM

Gamification’s main objective is to encourage behaviors that you want users to adopt. So, include gamification in your sales methodology. To give you an example, if a sales person makes a new contact, this person receives 1 point. If making a new contact in one of your target accounts, obtain 2 points. If a person makes X number of sales calls, as a result, this person receives three points.

Create some healthy competition by using a leaderboard. Post the names of salespeople and their sales by highest sales first. The people with the lower sales numbers will want to catch up and even surpass the leader.

Create levels, for example, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can establish different rewards at each level.

Why Gamification Works

Gamification works because it motivates employees to embrace CRM as a tool to facilitate their daily work. People like to play and compete in games. Gamification to CRM systems does just that. The more badges and points that a user has, this user is perceived as the guru of the CRM system. This user becomes the go-to person. Gamification creates that award system to recognize a person for their achievements

Having accurate data entered in a timely manner is crucial to a company’s CRM system. The CRM system is a key tool to facilitate decisions for customers. Without good data, you cannot make effective decisions.

Gamification is one tactic to ensuring that the necessary data is entered and is an effective means to motivate users by rewarding and encouraging specific behaviors to generate sales success.

Gamification takes advantage of human nature such as the desire to be acknowledged and rewarded for achievements. It plays on an individual’s competitive side by motivating them to try and be the best.



Hurrah! and Motivation Engine are software programs to help sales managers effectively use gamification within their companies to encourage effective data entry and the best behaviors to achieve sales success.

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Dallas Cowboys use Hurrah! to Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

Cowboys_Stadium_fieldThe Dallas Cowboys hold several sporting honors, including being the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons.

The Cowboys have a robust sales department that had already been using a CRM since 2007 to track and log sales, but they were lacking a reporting tool.


After seeing the way the Hurrah! system’s Big Event alerts worked when sales were recorded, the CRM management team got excited—and knew that if it attracted their attention, it would do the same for their sales reps!



See how Hurrah! helped Dallas Cowboys Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

Tired of updating leaderboards manually? Welcome to the new era of Real Time Leaderboards!

It is well known that monitoring operations based on “Activity and Results” KPI’s is essential for any Call Center or Telemarketing team. In the end, choosing those vital metrics and monitoring them, is what makes them succeed or not.

Some time ago, this important procedure was done poorly with a delay in showing reports, sometimes waiting weeks or even months. Nowadays the cutting edge call centers can monitor their key metrics in real time, allowing faster interaction and instant feedback. This finally streamlines their operations and improves the motivation of the people involved.

A variety of leaderboards and reporting solutions are available in the market, but the ones that actually work are the ones able to show instant updates automatically. Usually they are directly connected to the original data sources: such as CRM Systems, Data Warehouses, Sales Datamarts, Phone Systems, etc.

Non-real time solutions

There are also some solutions (even with a fancy front end) that require in-between files such as Excel spreadsheets or .txt files. We call that type of technology: a “non-real time” solution.

These types of tools are usually much easier to configure and they can start operating in a matter of minutes, however there are some important disadvantages:


15988-female-hands-typing-on-a-laptop-keyboard-pv 1) Someone is required to manually update the Excel/txt files, increasing the risk of mistakes or errors that may lead to unwanted actions… What happen if that person has a day-off at work?



2) It represents an additional non insignificant cost. Let’s suppose the person needs 15 minutes 4 times a day to upload this data. He will be wasting 1 productive hour a day in this particular task. Considering an average cost/time of $30 an hour per person….in a month the investment will be $600, which means $7.200 by year.


64368770_7bce91daf6_o (1)3) In Call Centers and Telemarketing, the operations are so intense that measuring the streamline of the business must be done more often. If we use a Monitor/Leaderboard system updated by hand, an employee would have to do this tedious task at least 8 to 10 times a day resulting in personal fatigue and discouragement.


4) Tracking live scores make people feel more excited, no instant feedback is possible using Excel files. We prefer to celebrate specific outstanding actions (or results) at the same moment they occur.
For instance if someone calls 50 clients in a week or closes a $50k deal, a REAL TIME solution catches the event and shares the action with everybody at the same moment the person accomplishes the goal.
There is a huge difference between having that information LIVE, than waiting 24 hours until the data can be refreshed by someone editing an Excel file. Something similar happens if someone wins 2 or 3 positions in a leaderboard or if someone climbs to the 1st position. People want to see the changes in the metrics and in the leaderboard immediately, right at the moment it happens.

Leaderboard/Reporting Solutions help companies to track KPI’s and make them visible for everybody. They also aid companies to design tournaments and contests among their people invoking an intense sense of competition and self-improvement.

But… which group of Reporting/Leaderboard solutions is less risky and cheaper? Which one represents a more powerful solution to motivate teams?

Those that, even being easier to deploy, require in-between files updated by people? Or those that take the data directly from the source showing it clearly to anyone in the office?


Alejandro Morales
CEO CRMGamified

The Minnesota Timberwolves Win BIG with Sales Motivation Technology

012308-TC-Twolves001The history of the Minnesota Timberwolves, an NBA expansion team formed in 1989 is full of great players and impressive accomplishments. They headed to the playoffs 8 consecutive times from 97-2004 and beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls in their heyday.

Their Sales team also has a proud history, setting the league attendance record their first year in existence, drawing more than a million fans.

See how Hurrah! created the same excitement in their offices as on the court!


10 deadly sins in User Adoption



Everyday companies try to find the best way of engaging employees to achieve better results in user adoption. Most companies are not aware of certain mistakes that can compromise the expected results. Pablo Peralta wraps up 10 ponderous common errors to avoid.

Download this Whitepaper now and find out if your company has a seamless strategy.