Charlotte Hornets’ Case Study Now Available!

See how the Charlotte Hornets are celebrating the wins, having fun and fostering a culture of motivation and success with Hurrah!

Director of Database Marketing and Analytics, Chris Zeppenfeld has relied on CRM and data for more than 7 years to increase sales and engage and satisfy the Hornets’ fans, achieving all their stated goals.

But something was missing. All the data and metrics were in CRM but they didn’t have a good way to display those metrics or their many dashboards. Unless you were literally inside the CRM, those metrics were not visible to everyone. They wanted something like an ESPN-style ticker, to keep everyone up to date and focused on important goals.

That’s when they discovered Hurrah!


Hurrah! Live in Charlotte Hornets’ Offices.

Apart from celebrating the wins, having some fun and fostering a culture of motivation and success, they are now able to see what’s happening and focus on what really matters.

Download the Full Case Study HERE