Creating a memorable experience by An Coppens

Gamification in my view is all about creating memorable experiences. Most of us will remember an awesome win, a feel good moment, a company that valued us, an element of surprise, also we remember the big losses and epic fails as well as the not so nice ‘oops’ did that just happen or did I just do/say that moments. Our life and our behaviour is shaped by these experiences and may even determine our actions next time we encounter a similar decision.


It is no surprise therefore that gamification can be built on both the positive I might gain something positive or I am trying to avoid something negative types of experiences. Both have interesting game mechanics attached such as on the positive side for example a potential to win a prize, become part of an exclusive club, earning extra points or other rewards. On the loss avoidance side examples are count down timers, losing points or rewards, not earning a bonus, missing out on the best deals, in games losing a life or running out of lives.


Great organisations actively build experiences and think of opportunities to impress you as a customer (and hopefully also as the employee, in my view both are equally important). They invite you in to their way of thinking and then make you enjoy the process. A company that I believe has managed to create an amazing customer experience is Apple. They clearly share their vision of well-designed goods and if you have an issue there is always a way to resolve it. They went a step further and have actually managed to create tribes of fans, who are doing the selling on their behalf. As a Mac user (phone, mp3, tablet and computer) I have been guilty of sharing my positive experience with the genius at the Mac bar with whom I had a date to fix a poorly behaving Mac. Their policy of return without quibbles is not the usual story in this industry. But their experience is mad up of lots of little potential moments where they can impress.


How can you create such an experience?

  • Decide about the type of experience you want it to be
  • Look for input from your front-line staff to hear what makes the customer tick and where possible ask your customers too
  • Create a strategy on how you will make each impact moment count, how do you want to make people feel (delighted, surprised in a positive way, satisfied, etc.)
  • Train your teams on how they can make it happen and encourage them with gamified steps to make it happen and keep up the good work
  • Make it inclusive for both customers and employees
  • Roll out your experience and continue to tweak it until it feels right and ensure it stays right
  • Make the process fun!


Written by An Coppens – Chief game changer at Gamification Nation Ltd

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