Creating a User-Centric Platform: Hurrah! 5.4

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Those who have used or followed our product over the years will notice that our latest release marks a departure from past product evolutions. Hurrah! 5.4 introduces an all new user experience aimed at changing the way people interact with the platform. It is the start on a path towards a more user-centric, remote friendly, and accessible platform.

As our product evolves, we are constantly looking to improve our solution and add value for our clients, without losing sight of the core value our platform provides: To motivate, engage, and recognize achievements with live performance tracking for teams anywhere.

Our team has been working on improvements designed to make Hurrah! more accessible and interactive in order to increase engagement potential for end users. We are excited to begin this transition with a new and expanded user experience as well as more flexible sharing, viewing, and personalization features.

What is New About the User Experience?

Hurrah! “Users” are the individuals whose statistics and other data can be displayed in Hurrah! channel content like leaderboards, contests, and more. Hurrah! 5.4 introduces new ways these users can interact with the platform beyond simple, real-time viewing.

The How

We understand the power of presentation when it comes to data. We wanted to take all the advantages of real-time KPI broadcasting and make an even more engaging platform for users by consolidating the information relevant to them, and adding context about recent activity from their team. The 5.4 user portal allows users to personalize their profile preferences, access and navigate all content in their assigned channels in one place, as well as view summaries of their team’s recent Celebrations and Contest results.

The Where

Hurrah! offers many points of contact for users and many ways to access channels. Hurrah! 5.4 improves the viewing experience and expands the accessibility for users. This includes TV broadcasting, desktop, and mobile access, meaning users can access Hurrah! from nearly anywhere they are.

Hurrah! 5.4 takes users experience beyond the platform itself. New integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email automations mean users can receive Hurrah! notifications right in their main communication channels in real-time.

What’s Next?

Our latest release includes new features, performance enhancements, and much more. And this is just the beginning. We are committed to making the invaluable tool of live KPI broadcasting as accessible as possible by creating an intuitive, engaging user experience across platforms.

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