CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions announce their partnership!

CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions have joined forces and announced their partnership. This new alliance aims to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform users with a unique and unified technological marvel. Helping them draw, analyze and organize data within CRM while increasing user motivation!


About Green 4 Solutions

Green 4 Solutions, CRM, ticketing and Loyalty experts use their knowledge, technologies and experience to bring CRM to the sport and leisure industries. Understanding the complexity and nature of these market places they provide a single platform solution which allows venues to analyze, collect and use customer data from multiple sources.


About CRMGamified®

CRMGamified® is global leader in delivering gamified business solutions with a strong emphasis on motivating users. Through our Award winning CRMGamified® technology products, our customers are able to get more out of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology thereby improving user performance and productivity while achieving the organization business objectives and goals.


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