What is Hurrah!® from the technical perspective?

It is web-based application that draws data from most popular CRMs, call center systems, and even Excel, and displays performance indicators or sales, marketing or customer service teams’ metrics in a clear and visually appealing style.

How is Hurrah!® integrated with Dynamics CRM®?

Data is drawn from the working CRM system without installing any additional components. If the data exist in CRM, Hurrah!® can display it from out of box or custom entities.

How is Hurrah! integrated with Salesforce?

Hurrah connects to Salesforce using Salesforce SOAP API (i.e. web services). To access the data, Hurrah! only requires a credential with read permissions. The only data required is a username, a password and a security token.

There’s no need to install any additional component in Salesforce.

Supported editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

My CRM is completely customized. Can the application display data from custom entities and fields?

Yes, the application can display data from standard or custom entities. In fact, most Hurrah! implementations display data from completely custom entities and fields.

What does one need to use the application?

Hurrah! is a web application that takes advantage of the latest browsers’ features to display rich information without the need of any plugin. The solution is optimized to display valuable information on televisions located in central areas of the office or department floor and can be displayed in personal workstations as well.

Currently supported browsers are Google Chrome (recommended) and IE 11.

Could Hurrah!® also be viewed from desktop browsers?

The solution showcases the display of valuable information on televisions located in the sales or support area of the organization, but some clients are using their workstation to view Hurrah!® as well.

How is the security in Hurrah!®?

The administrator can define which Active Directory credentials have access rights to Hurrah! but final users do not need to have read permissions on the information displayed by the application, so aggregated data can be presented without complex security administration.

What are the hardware and software requirements?

The server hardware requirements of Hurrah! are very low and should be easily accommodated just by using your already available infrastructure without the need for any new hardware. A server with 2GB of RAM and 1GB of available disk space should be enough.

Server software requirements are:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or above
  • .Net Framework 4.6.1
  • IIS 7.5 or above (ASP.Net 4.5 and Windows authentication features enabled)
  • SQL Server 2008 or above (Express editions supported)

A modern browser (desktop versions of Google Chrome and IE 11 are currently supported) is required to use the application. We recommend running the application with a modern workstation (3rd-generation Core i5 equivalent or greater) to have the best experience.

How is the software displayed on the TVs?

There are many options to display the application on TVs ranging from a direct HDMI cable connection between the notebook and the TV to complex broadcasting solutions to display data on multiple TVs at the same time. Some options are:

  • Client PC connected by HDMI cable to the TV
  • Client PC connected wireless using a dongle (e.g. Google Chromecast)
  • PC stick (e.g. Intel compute stick)
  • Client PC connected to multiple TVs using an HDMI splitter
  • Etc.

Can Hurrah! pull data from other data sources?

Yes, Hurrah! can get data from multiple data sources. Some of the supported data sources are:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce
  • SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL
  • Postgre SQL
  • Firebird
  • Excel files
  • CSV files


What is the Motivation Engine from a technical perspective?

It is an easy to install managed solution that works within the MS Dynamics CRM® environment, aimed at inspiring the key behaviors that drive better employee’s performance, engagement, CRM user adoption and data quality.

The motivation engine is fully contained in a Dynamics CRM Managed solution, so no additional services, sites or databases have to be deployed. The managed solution includes the web pages used to interact with the application, the plugins to process the actions, and other standard resources needed in web applications.

Which Dynamics CRM® versions are supported?

  • CRM Online
  • CRM 2011
  • CRM 2015
  • CRM 2016
  • Dynamics 365 for sales
  • Dynamics Customer Service 365

How invasive is this add-on?

It is minimally invasive. It is build using the CRM SDK, adds some scripts to existing CRM forms to display notifications (only those specified by the configurator), and adds some entries to the site map and the configuration section to allow navigation.

Standard/Default entities, such as users, teams, opportunities, etc., are not modified, except for the script registered to display notifications, keeping the environment clean. The solution can be uninstalled with a couple of clicks without leaving any trails.

What are the hard/software requirements?

CRMGamified® Motivation Engine runs within Microsoft Dynamics CRM® and thus has the same server basic requirements of the CRM. The client is just needs a web browser. Currently, the supported browsers are Chrome (v37 or above) and Internet Explorer 10 or above.