How fun and recognition changes everything in CRM…

Hi, As some of you may know, in the last CRMUG Magazine issue I wrote about gamification in CRM and cited a personal anecdote on how I changed the negative corporate CRM sales training atmosphere and turned it into positive one, once I injected a bit of fun into it.

I received many e-mails when the article got published and many of them were related to this anecdote. From those I could sense that I was not the only on e who run into difficult situations during CRM trainings. In this post, I want to briefly share with you another anecdote that happened to me just a couple of weeks ago with a customer (potential customer at that time). It will show how not only fun but also recognition can change people’s behavior and performance.

Recogniztion, GamificationThe Sales Manager was concerned that according to CRM records, no deals were being closed by their salespeople in the last 2 weeks, no new opportunities were generated and very few new leads were created. That was not consistent when compared to actual sales rhythm of the company. The sales team of 10 salespeople working in various locations is using Dynamics CRM Online and according to last reports the solution seems to be working fine for them. So the Sales manager decided to send a typical ‘Please update CRM’ e-mail to his team and (as it usually happens) no-one replied back to him :p) .

The truth was reveled few days later, in a conversation with one of the key salesperson who asked the manager about ‘when his rewards where going to be back up again’. ‘Your rewards back up again, what do you mean?’ asked the manager. To make the long story short, what happened actually was that their CRMGamified® trial has expired. As a result neither him or his colleagues weren’t being recognized for their accomplishments so they were holding all the CRM data updates until the situation was resolved to allow them again (legitimately) earn their points, badges and trophies for their performance.

In fact the salesperson who reported the problem was two levels up compare to his colleagues so he definitely wasn’t willing on missing his points and his game advantage. Crazy? No, it was actually quite funny when I was told this story but also it demonstrated in real life situation how important for people is recognition and thrill of the game. I guess this behavior also supports the recent survey where 83% of employees said recognition for contributions to the company is more appreciated than any plagues or gifts….

What gamification adds to CRM

Gamification is mostly about fun and recognition. Applying gamification in CRM, has positive effects on user adoption, inspires people to accomplish their work goals, helps to keep the system data updated and of high quality.

What gamification adds to CRM

As you already know I am very passionate writing about this topic. Every day I am learning new facts and new success stories that I will try to keep sharing them with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to inspire your CRM users with new gamification experience, please feel welcome to join any of our upcoming webinars, ask questions there, request a demonstration for you and your team or meet us face-to-face in Tampa during the CRMUG Summit 2013 in October where we’re presenting talks on gamification and participate in user adoption round table discussions.


Pablo Peralta


MVP | Dynamics CRM

Product Manager | CRMGamified®