How can Gamification help with change management? Where the engagement crisis hurts most.

Change and implementation work

In today’s complex and uncertain business environment, change (or transformation) is required more often, with higher complexity and overall scope as well. Such programs pose significant challenges on the entire organization: implementation work need to be done on top of the day-to-day job and worse, change often involves fear and resistance. Therefore change management might be the area in the enterprise today, where the engagement crisis is strongest.


Another challenge in change programs is the fact that most companies are not “equipped” for it. Because they consider it too often as a “one-off” event, they either hire consultants or invent ad-hoc, customized approaches. Both ways have important flaws: consultants don’t deliver your change challenge and internal ad-hoc approaches don’t match the structural experience you require to do it well.

Gamification solution!

Structured gamification solutions may be a good option to consider. Because if change is almost becoming permanent and “business as usual”, you might as well have a proper gamified business solution for it, no? image01

This would make sense for exactly the same reasons you have CRM systems for the core business. Such a gamified CRM would cover the “structural” aspects of change:

(1) keeping track, with the right level of detail, of all work streams and goals, and (2) measuring and reporting overall point status for steering purposes along the way.

It would also serve as a collaboration platform for all teams involved in making the change happen. Both the need for IT systems for change tracking and the engagement challenge in change almost cry for a gamified Dynamics CRM!

A CRMGamified® solution covers all structural aspects of change (set-up, planning, progress management and reporting) but at the same time it is a great place to collaborate, infused with good gamification design to trigger and maintain team engagement.

Additionally, with gamification being such a powerful tool for learning, your teams will gradually develop a “muscle” to consistently deliver more and more for each new change initiative. We have developed CRMGamified® with exactly this in mind: solid, structural tracking, easy collaboration and smart gamification design to allow teams to consistently get better at some key skills in change: team belief, good planning and delivering versus your change plan! With this tool your organization will be able to create endless amount of the gamified change strategies to meet demand of your business and market your business operates in.