Gamification for Data Quality

Another big trend, growing alongside of gamification is the collection and analysis of “Big Data”.  Decision makers now more than ever have access to large amounts of data to support logical, successful decisions, changes in strategy, product updates, customer service offerings and more.  This trend shines a bright spotlight on the importance of data quality.

As many of us are accustomed to sharing information online in order to get something in return, we know innately, the incentive model works. But when we consider the workplace, we face the problem of keeping employees motivated enough to continually provide accurate data.  Managers need to solve the problem of good data in order to make good decisions.   Here’s where gamification has a role.

Everyone, including employees, needs a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Achieving small goals, not unlike crossing off items on your “things to do list” each day provides that positive sense of accomplishment.  Small rewards enhance the experience of filling in forms and ensuring data quality.  Work becomes an engaging experience by adding gamification, positive reinforcement.  It’s simple and it takes advantage of human nature.

There are many benefits associated with gamification  Ensuring data quality has become one of the most important with the advent of “Big Data” decision making.  By introducing gamification to the work environment, managers create an engaging user experience and most importantly increase the quantity and quality of data for decision making.

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