How Sales Leaderboards Help Promote Transparency and Accountability

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Transparency and accountability are probably the two most important elements in successful organizations. In fact, according to a Harvard Business Review survey, 70% of employees are more engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategies. There are several tools that can assist management in this process, including sales leaderboards.

That is to say, when it comes to boosting sales by growing employee engagement, transparency and accountability are a must. Even though the idea of full disclosure may seem less than ideal, employees really want to know what drives the company they are working for. Moreover, the team needs to be aware of what the company wishes to achieve in both the short and long term, as well as how they will help achieve such objectives.

Communication and transparency across every management level will help foster both productivity and trust among the sales team. Yet, the lack of accountability can have a devastating effect that will eventually lead to low performance and poor sales.

To prevent this from happening, you can implement measuring tools such as Hurrah! Leaderboards. Hurrah! helps set clear expectations, establish meaningful goals and build strong relationships based on trust, support and encouragement.

5 aspects you can improve by using sales leaderboards

Learn how leaderboards can become your greatest ally, helping embrace transparency and accountability among your sales team.

1. Goals Can Be Easily Understood

A gamification tool such as Hurrah! can ultimately help pump up sales revenues through the roof. However, in order to accomplish such a feat, every person in the team needs to understand the short and long-term plans.

For instance, the data displayed on Hurrah! not only helps show the company’s goals and the path to get there, but it also allows each team member to actually see the value they bring towards achieving such goals, increasing engagement and aligning their personals goals with the goals of the company.

2. Results Can Be Better Visualized

Sales Leaderboards are real-time recognition tools that display performance indicators on sales, marketing, and customer service in a clear and visually appealing style. As one of our clients recently mentioned:

“Hurrah! has a huge impact on culture and communication. Reps love having their sales displayed on the TVs and management loves seeing results in a more visual way.”

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3. Recognize and Celebrate performance

Accountability not only means holding employees responsible for tasks that aren’t completed. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Having the opportunity to measure performance can also help reward the team members that contribute the most to the company and its goals.

Through Hurrah! companies can display the KPIs and dynamic values tracked by the company and associate them to your team’s daily tasks.

4. Problems Can Be Identified More Efficiently

Leaderboards are also effective tools to identify agents who are struggling with their sales numbers. This doesn’t necessarily mean exposing their mistakes in front of their peers, but rather helping and encouraging them to improve and work on the areas that are preventing them from reaching their full potential and becoming great sales agents.

5. Trust Can Be Built More Easily

Transparency with the team, in turn, promotes trust towards their leadership. Even though managers may feel that communicating more openly is disarming, the truth is that having everything out in the open will actually empower the entire organization to work together in the pursuit of common goals.

In other words, clear rules and expectations for everyone, as well as having a sense of accountability towards their work and their results, can help sales teams boost their morale and productivity.

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