New Features in Leaderboards Software: How to get the most out of Hurrah! 4.0

Our clients spoke, and we listened. Introducing all new features and better functionality.

Hurrah! just got some shiny new updates. At Hurrah! we are proud to offer innovative and effective solutions in CRM gamification and leaderboards software. We are constantly working to improve our product to meet the needs of our clients, expand capability, and improve user experience. This time we’ve taken things a step further, and we think you’ll like what we’ve done. Our development and customer success teams joined forces to take what we learned from on-site check-ins and client feedback, and overhaul the Hurrah! platform with all new features and an improved UI.

The result is Hurrah! 4.0.

With this newest update, we’re introducing exciting new features as well as functional improvements that make using Hurrah! easier than ever. Hurrah! 4.0 presents brand new Contest slides, a new Centralized TV Management system, expanded capability in Big Events and Announcements slides, an improved Countdown slide template, streamlined user registration, plus application improvements to overall performance.

We’ve got lots to say about all our great new features. To start, here’s a short introduction to what’s new in Hurrah! 4.0. Plus, we’ve included heaps of helpful tips on how to get the most out of Hurrah!’s new capability and features!


Hurrah! now features Contests, one of the most requested new functions! Motivating your team with friendly competition just got easier and more exciting. Run contests on Bar Graph Leaderboards slides in Hurrah!


Specify the Key Performance Indicator you want to measure and an end time for your contest. The Contest slide will automatically isolate and display the KPI for each participant within the period that the contest is set to run. Let everyone know when the contest ends by selecting a video to go off. Set the Contest Results slide to show up to three winners and choose how long to display the winners in your slideshow.

Tip: Pair Contests with Announcement slides to publicize any incentives or prizes for contest winners.

Tip: Don’t just reward top performers, create Contests using KPI’s that allow the whole office to compete. Ex: instead of running a contest on “confirmed sales,” choose a KPI, like “customer contacts made.”

Aggregate Metrics for Big Events:

Big Events are designed to celebrate important achievements and milestones with animated slides and audio. Now, what customers have deemed Hurrah!’s #1 feature has expanded capability! You can set Big Events to trigger when something singular happens as before, like a big sale. New improvements also make it simple to set Big Events slides to go off when a specified metric overpasses a certain threshold, like when your team resolves a record number of cases in a month. Now it is even easier to celebrate your team’s progress! Just choose the metric you want to track in the Big Events slide and set a threshold amount to trigger.

Tip: Setting clear and attainable goals for your team is essential. Use the Big Events slide’s new aggregate metric function to increase positive reinforcement when your team reaches KPI targets.

Centralized TV Management System

Hurrah! now lets you register your devices and manage slideshows on different screens all from one centralized location. This is great for offices with multiple display consoles or a decentralized layout. Quickly and easily register your display devices from your admin console with a 4-digit verification code. Device registration means that after initial registration your display devices can all be managed from your admin account, and you will not have to sign in to each display console again.

Tip: Pick a time to get all your display consoles registered and your admin device set up at once. This will make transitioning to the new system quick and easy, so you can get started using Hurrah! 4.0 throughout your office.

Improved Countdown Template

Hurrah! has a new and improved Countdown slide template! A dynamic countdown clock now adjusts its display according to the amount of time remaining. The clock moves to display days, hours, minutes, and then seconds as time gets closer to the end. Plus, we’ve improved the user interface, making setting countdown slides easier than ever.

Tip: Countdowns are a great way to keep your team focused on a goal or deadline, but you can also use them to keep your office culture lively and get team members engaged. For example, use Countdown slides to generate excitement about the big office holiday party, or company retreat coming up.

Video with Audio on Announcement Slides

Now video with audio can now be added to Announcement slides! Make your announcements stand out with sound and video so the whole office notices!

Tip: Skip sending emails that get lost in the vortex of everyone’s inbox. Announcement slides are attention grabbing and perfect for updating your office on everything from employee birthdays to important meetings.

Tip: Customize your announcements with video and sound effects. Improve communication by picking a format that instantly lets people know what’s going on. For example, include the same video and audio every time you announce office seminars and educational events.

Fixes and Refactorings

We are always working to improve our product, even in little ways. Slideshows take up less memory on your devices and run more smoothly overall. We’ve also streamlined user registration. Now new users can register on their devices right in the Hurrah! system, and administrators can assign them proper roles and grant them permission to access to the admin site. Plus we’ve added some other enhancements to promote overall performance.

Hurrah! 4.0 has lots new to offer, and knowing how to get the most out of it is the first step to a more productive, engaged, and energetic workplace.

If you aren’t already investing in your team with Hurrah!, and want to learn why so many companies love it, contact us for a free consultation and demo!


The Hurrah! Team