Hurrah! 5.2 is out!

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A Fresh New Look

Over the last few months, our team of designers and developers has been working to bring you Hurrah! 5.2, with new looks, new features, and functional improvements. We are also rolling out our new look as a brand with an update to our logo.

New Modern Theme

Hurrah!’s 5.2 new, modern UI introduces a colorful, streamlined look for all your leaderboards, charts, contests, and communication slides. But don’t worry, we haven’t gotten rid of hurrah’s classic look; now you have the option to switch seamlessly between modern and classic themes for your slideshows.

Hurrah! new UI

New Media

We also have new backgrounds and celebration videos for you, to go with the new design. Enjoy brand new media to go with your slides and announce your team’s achievements.

Hurrah!'s Big Event


We are always looking to improve how Hurrah! works, so we did some backend fixes to have it working smoothly.

Our brand gets renewed!

Continuing with the updates, Hurrah! got a brand update with a new logo. Our team got together to think about how we wanted to show Hurrah! and what it meant for us. We hope you like our new look as much as we do.

Hurrah!'s logo


If you want to learn more about Hurrah! and how it can help your company with motivation, engagement, and performance, contact us for more information and you can try Hurrah! Risk-free today!