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Great news! We were just ranked as one of the best software companies for Sales Gamification on G2 Crowd!

We’ve been following this leading B2B product review company for a while (including as users), and we really appreciate how they effectively help when it comes to choosing the right product to fit your needs. The review method is impartial and fair in getting to know more about any solution.

That’s why we’re so excited to find ourselves ranked highly in the Sales Gamification section! As G2 Crowd explains on their website, the software in this category “enhances the sales process by adding competition and recognition as additional motivation for sales representatives.”

How did we get there?

The process applied to build the “Sales Gamification Grid”, as they mention on the website, is “determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and scale (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact)”.

This accomplishment is a direct result of how our customers appreciate what we do. If we are among the best in sales gamification, our clients are to thank.

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We have to admit that for every new review on our page, we carefully analyze in detail! We make sure to heed all advice and understand what we’re doing well and what we need to work on. Which means that each review drives our daily work and future plans!

For example, when the Jacksonville Jaguars Sales Manager, Jeff Miranda, wrote “Hurrah! gives us the ability to efficiently communicate within our sales department and do it in an exciting way”. We got a sense of “mission accomplished” by knowing that the key values we give to Hurrah! are actually being performed.

Hurrah! gives us the ability to efficiently communicate within our sales department and do it in an exciting way, Customer Review Hurrah Leaderboards

This also happened when we read the thoughts of the Director of Strategy & Analytics at Memphis Grizzlies, who stated, “Hurrah! helps to create a competitive atmosphere on the sales floor, gamifies the sales experience, incentivizes CRM use among reps, and is an easy way for active sales reps to get noticed by executives”.

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