Hurrah! for Work From Home!

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Now more than ever, we need to focus on encouraging and motivating our teams as much as we can. At the moment, every employee is facing new challenges on their own. So, it is of vital importance, now more than ever, that they feel heard and supported. Thinking about those consequences that social distancing can bring, we added the Work From Home feature to Hurrah! Leaderboards.  

Don’t know Hurrah! yet?

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Hurrah! is a performance tracking solution for sales and service teams. Hurrah! connects directly to your CRM or other databases so you can start sharing live, fully customized KPIs, communications, and custom media to every team member no matter where they are.

Work From Home feature:

Share a slideshow

Bring your remote team closer together by sharing a slideshow.

hurrah remote leaderboards share slideshow

As simple as copying a link and share it through your communication channels. With a couple of clicks, you will help bring everyone closer during this time separated.

This new feature will not only allow your reps and managers to easily visualize their KPIs at home, but also to see how the rest of the team is doing, and all that in real-time!

Now your browser is your new TV!


You don’t even need a TV screen to broadcast metrics, leaderboards, messages or media content. Visualize everything from your Google Chrome browser.

Navigate through the slides


Want to replay a specific slide? Are they taking too long? Manually select what you want to see with our new navigation panel.

Turn off Big Events


Sometimes you really need to focus, and Big Events can come as a distraction. But don’t worry, you can easily disable that option whenever you want and turn it on again later to keep celebrating new achievements with the rest of the team! 

Unshared and re-share at any time

Whether you want to share a new link with a different slideshow or simply stop sharing, a new unshare option is also available.


We even went beyond that, you can easily enable the slideshow to be visible again. The link will continue to be the same, so you don’t have to worry about re-sending it.

hurrah remote leaderboard feature

If you haven’t already implemented this new Work From Home feature to Hurrah!, contact our customer success team for a consultation and tutorial.

Stay safe,

The Hurrah! Team.

If you want to learn more about Hurrah! and how it can help your company with motivation, engagement, and performance, contact us for more information and you can try Hurrah! Risk-free today!