It’s all about Productivity !

In discussing gamification these days, I like to remind people that gamification is nothing more than a set of productivity tools.  Though gamification is a “nice” add- on, productivity is a necessity.  With the Internet on their desktops, smartphones in their hands and leftover holiday goodies in the kitchen, employees are continually distracted at work and need support to stay on task.

Hurrah! Leaderboard is a quick, inexpensive strategy to introduce increased productivity through gamification to an organization.   Whether friendly competition is a part of your company culture or not, Hurrah! Leaderboard is a first step to introducing the fun and excitement that engages employees while motivating to stay focused on the task at hand.  The incremental increase in success activities is staggering, even with the distraction of cookies.

By simply publically displaying information, employees are made aware of their status and what behaviors are important for personal and organizational success.  Hurrah! celebrates success in the moment, rather than waiting until the weekly sales meeting or the end of quarter awards. With this immediate feedback and reward, employees are able to take action, improving performance and outcomes.  They instantly feel part of the bigger picture and in control of their success.  All the while, the organization benefits by the increase in activities.  It’s a productivity win-win.

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