Recruitment Companies discover Hurrah!

Motivating teams and driving behaviors that improve performance is Hurrah! Leaderboard’s main purpose.

Hurrah! is already out there helping professional sports organizations’ sales teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS, as well as Life Insurance Companies and Technology Companies improve productivity, boost sales and perform key sales activities every day.

But the scope of Hurrah! is wide and we are happy to tell you Hurrah! is also now helping sales teams in a Professional Staffing & Recruitment Company.

Hurrah! has been implemented in one of the world’s largest recruitment companies, with their own international network of approximately 100 branches in more than 40 countries and a permanent Recruitment Division of five global sales hubs.

Hurrah! Leaderboard allows this company to measure metrics they consider as key performance indicators. Not only encouraging and motivating the “performers” but also making it easier and simpler for managers to be aware of, monitor and show teams’ performance in each hub.

Hurrah! Leaderboard is located around their offices, making each workday more focused and fun by having teams competing from different parts of the world. Metrics –defined by the company- are drawn from CRM, measured and displayed. From evaluating met expectations within a defined period of time, to ranking daily vacancies, new jobs, weekly interviews/calls and meetings, Contract Placements and submittals in the current month.

The flexibility Hurrah! provides makes it possible for this company to evaluate each metric and behavior they consider important, define and redefine successful processes and easily share rankings, graphical data and successful practices.

Do you want to know how many sales calls have been made today by a team located in Houston? Or Toronto? Or do you want to share visibility with the whole company of your teams’ successful month and or climb to the top of the “Placements this Month” ranking? Well, you can do it with Hurrah! 

Call us, we’ll show how within 2 weeks!