The Dallas Cowboys Boost CRM User Adoption with Hurrah!

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CRM Adoption

Dallas Cowboys use Hurrah! to drive CRM user adoption.

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Sales Performance

Hurrah!'s gamification features help the Cowboys drive the behaviors that matter most for their sales team.

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Team Culture

Immediate recognition and performance visibility foster a dynamic sales culture for the Cowboys.

About the Client

The Dallas Cowboys are a Texas-based American Football team that competes in the NFL. The Cowboys hold several sporting honors, including being the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons. They also share the record for the most Super Bowl appearances. According to Forbes, the Cowboys are the most valuable NFL franchise and sports team in the United States.

The Challenge

The Cowboys have a robust sales department that has been using a CRM to track and log sales information, but they were lacking an engaging reporting tool. In addition, user adoption and CRM onboarding had historically been an issue for the department. The CRM administration team saw the potential in using Hurrah! to draw attention to their key metrics and improve not only CRM adoption and reporting, but sales team engagement and performance as well.

The Solution

The Cowboys chose Hurrah! to motivate the key behaviors they were struggling to get sales reps to adopt. Almost immediately after implementation, sales people were excited about the visual and audible recognition features. Hurrah!'s real-time reporting and KPI tracking, combined with the team's natural energy created a more engaging and competitive team environment. Hurrah! allows the Cowboys to foster the dynamic culture of their team on the field, in their sales offices as well. The easy implementations process and personalized training meant that the Cowboys had the solution off and running in no time.

The Results & Looking Forward

For the Cowboys, Hurrah! drives more sales and better data accuracy. They use Celebrations to highlight when sales are made, for everyone to see. The visible recognition pushes reps to make more sales and display input data promptly and accurately. Lower sales performers are able to see the results of their peers, which in turn motivates them to improve performance. Finally, Hurrah! takes away the need for daily administration to share reports, tips, and other updates, meaning managers are freed up to focus on other things.

Favorite Features

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Live leaderboards let the Cowboys report metrics and standings in real-time, automatically.

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Celebrations give the Cowboys' sales team that extra edge. Reps love seeing their achievements on the big screens.

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Goal Trackers

The Cowboys use KPI Highlights to broadcast global metrics and progress towards team goals.

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