Minnesota Timberwolves Celebrate Success with Hurrah!

“We consider Hurrah! to be an important part of our strategy; it helps us do more and supports our culture of success.”

Taylor Pope, Senior Database Coordinator, Minnesota Timberwolves

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Team Culture

Hurrah! amplifies the Timberwolves' strong sales culture of teamwork and success.

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CRM Adoption

Hurrah! puts key metrics front and center, and motivates sales rep to keep CRM data up-to-date.

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Sales Performance

Visibility of KPIs and achievement recognition pushes reps to do their best individually and as a team.

About the Client

The Minnesota Timberwolves is an NBA expansion team based in Minneapolis and formed in 1989. Among their many accomplishments on the court, they headed to the playoffs 8 consecutive times from 97-2004 and beat Michael Jordan and the Bulls in their heyday. Their Sales team also has a proud history, setting the league attendance record their first year in existence, drawing more than a million fans. The Timberwolves' Vice President of Sales & Service, Corey Breton, wanted to build on the culture of success of his team by introducing motivation technology.

The Challenge

Corey approached his tech team to discuss implementing a tool that would motivate and engage reps with their performance metrics. Senior Database Coordinator Taylor Pope, who had been supporting the sales team, reporting on sales revenue, individual rep activity, and providing tools for improving the sales process, worked with Corey on the project. Pope knew that entering data into CRM wasn't something sales representatives often felt motivated to do. They needed solution that motivated sales and increased CRM adoption without the need for manual administration.

The Timberwolves were looking for a solution that would recognize sales representatives and teams. They wanted a platform that could incorporate multiple forms of media including music, pictures, graphics and video, in order to engage their sales team and drive the behaviors that mattered to them, including CRM adoption. Hurrah!'s real-time streaming and CRM integration as well as its reputation as a leading gamification solution in the sports industry made it the perfect fit for the Timberwolves sales department.

“The ease of customization is a huge strength of Hurrah!, I really haven’t gotten any requests from managers that I can’t go and implement that day.“

The Solution

Hurrah! provides the Timberwolves with the all-in-one, multi-media platform they were looking for. They use Leadeboards to track key metrics and rankings, and Hurrah!'s achievement recognition features have been a hit with sales reps. The Timberwolves chose to keep their tradition of ringing a bell in their office when a major sale is made, so they configured Celebrations to announce big sales. When each rep's walk-up song plays, that is the signal for them to go ring the bell, soliciting applause from the team. Hurrah! provides an engaging solution for reps, that pushes them to perform at their highest level. The ease of managing their Hurrah! Channels has made a big difference for their CRM management team as well. “The ease of customization is a huge strength of Hurrah!, I really haven’t gotten any requests from managers that I can’t go and implement that day,“ says Taylor Pope.

“Hurrah! increases user adoption by driving accountability, competition, and tapping into the human psychological desire to be recognized.”

The Results & Looking Forward

The Timberwolves have seen noticeable improvement in CRM adoption and data quality since implementing Hurrah! for their sales team. The public recognition via Hurrah! Channels has increased friendly competition and CRM activities. Overall, Timberwolves Management and Pope have been very satisfied with the ease of use of the platform and the positive results for their teams. “We consider Hurrah! to be an important part of our strategy; it helps us do more and supports our culture of success,” says Pope.

“I enjoy that I create emotions and energy with every sale, encouraging people to look up from their work and celebrate the success of their teammates”

“The best part of making a sale with Hurrah! Is hearing your music played over the speakers with the details of your sale. It’s rewarding and motivating!”

“Hurrah! keeps me focused and aware of what my teammates are doing!”

- Timberwolves Sales Representatives

Favorite Features

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The Timberwolves use Celebrations to announce big sales and draw applause from the whole team.

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Live Leaderboards make driving key behaviors a breeze for Timberwolves CRM administrators.

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Custom Media

The Timberwolves create engaging channels with custom graphics and video content.

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