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The day that many have been hoping for is finally here, we’ve integrated Hurrah! Leaderboards with the most popular CRM on the market, Salesforce.

The number of data sources that our product integrates with has grown over time, starting out with Dynamics CRM, leading to multiple data source integrations with several contact center systems, and now Salesforce, making Hurrah! Leaderboards accessible to more sales and customer service teams, spanning every key industry.

Today, we invite the Salesforce community to employ our gamification technology and watch revenues, ROI and productivity soar!

Because who doesn’t enjoy a little healthy competition to get the needle moving?

Gamifying your CRM with Hurrah! means turning the completion of everyday tasks into a game or competition amongst teams or individuals. Organizations who use Hurrah! have reported experiencing added excitement and instant gratification around the sales process. The ability to have consolidated business data, improved CRM user adoption, innovative reporting, new communication channels, and most importantly: improved sales performance.

Hurrah! takes your Salesforce or other designated CRM experience to the next level since you can run contests, showcase rankings, and metrics, and play music, announcements, and videos, etc to liven up the workday. Keep your outbound team(s) engaged, motivated, and rewarded for their good work and effortlessly measure the results.

The Secret to Getting More Out of Your Salesforce CRM

To get started, simply connect Hurrah! Leaderboards to your Salesforce environment using your Salesforce credential. Then, pull the key metrics that you want to broadcast live on one or several TV screens on the sales or contact center floor for all the team to see. Team members and upper management can also view it in their web browsers.

There are so many different ways to leverage the features of Hurrah!. Display (in real-time) the number of calls completed by sales rep per day on your Leaderboard. Also, the revenue generated per team member. You can celebrate the closing of a new deal by playing a video featuring the successful sales rep!

With Hurrah! in your toolkit, you’ll notice winning reps bask in their glory and work hard to defend their title. While underperformers decide to kick it up a notch in order to show the rest of the team who’s “boss”.

Hurrah! Leaderboards are available for Salesforce

As shown in the image above, you can create slides using our metric customization platform within minutes, relaying any data that you have that is in your Salesforce environment and/or other places such as Microsoft Excel or relational databases like SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2.

Not only will you motivate and engage your team so that they compete with each other to surpass their targets, but there are several other positive benefits of gamification. First of all, it can be used to improve the accuracy and cleanliness of data.

Although tedious, it is imperative that prospective and current customer information be entered correctly, are up-to-date and neatly organized in your CRM in order for it to be an effective instrument of growth for your business. One way Hurrah! can aid in this area is the option to create challenges with rules that reward those who keep their Salesforce records detailed and up to date.

CRM user adoption

Another added benefit of CRM gamification is the resulting increased adoption rate of the CRM tool by your employees. What use is the Salesforce subscription you pay for if your team pays no mind to it, still stuck in its old ways? Gamification will add incentive for your employees to work within the tool. As it will be the only way they can outrank others, boosting individual accountability and the level of transparency within the team.

Last but not least, Hurrah! Leaderboards will help teams using Salesforce to generate live reports accurately and instantly. Due to the improved accuracy of data entry and higher adoption rate, your reports will be more trustworthy and complete. Save time on reporting and focus on your outbound, revenue-generating activities instead.

Are you ready to make a big, positive impact on the culture of your team? Salesforce combined with Hurrah!, Leaderboards can allow you to grow your revenue, track KPI’s, encourage a healthy, competitive atmosphere, and share important milestones throughout your team and with executive level management instantly.

See for yourself how!


Ale Morales
CEO @ CRMGamified

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