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We all know Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust platform which offers great possibilities. And we are also aware it can be improved and heightened with solutions like our Hurrah! Leaderboard and CRM Motivation Engine, but we are not the only ones out there creating products to achieve this goal of making the most out of MS CRM.

MSCRM Addons is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with vast experience and high expertise in Microsoft technologies, specialized and focused on the development and implementation of a variety of specific Addons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013, 2011 and 4.

 MSCRM Addons provide MS CRM users with products created to give CRM different and new functionalities that improve and boost its original benefits.

Such as:

  • Allowing fast and easy document creation and processing based on CRM data.
  • Connecting your phone system (TAPI, Skype , Lync) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Providing a powerful search routine that allows a quick and easy search across several entities and multiple fields.
  • Giving the possibility to display activities from multiple users, teams and resources and easily reschedule activities via a drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Simplifying the CRM-internal handling of activities and emails by providing Microsoft Outlook-like visualization options and additional email-related functionalities.
  • Helping to save precious database space in CRM, move attachments from within CRM to either a SharePoint location or a fileshare.
  • Enabling a simple navigation between related CRM records. The Bar can be rearranged by every user to fit his personal CRM requirements. All standard and custom entities supported.

Having a certified and competent staff, MSCRM Addons is able to develop these innovative, practical and useful products while providing their clients with technical support to meet the highest possible efficient use of their solutions.

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CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions announce their partnership!

CRMGamified® and Green 4 Solutions have joined forces and announced their partnership. This new alliance aims to provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform users with a unique and unified technological marvel. Helping them draw, analyze and organize data within CRM while increasing user motivation!


About Green 4 Solutions

Green 4 Solutions, CRM, ticketing and Loyalty experts use their knowledge, technologies and experience to bring CRM to the sport and leisure industries. Understanding the complexity and nature of these market places they provide a single platform solution which allows venues to analyze, collect and use customer data from multiple sources.


About CRMGamified®

CRMGamified® is global leader in delivering gamified business solutions with a strong emphasis on motivating users. Through our Award winning CRMGamified® technology products, our customers are able to get more out of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology thereby improving user performance and productivity while achieving the organization business objectives and goals.


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