We made it through 2017!

We Made it Through 2017!

2017 was an exceptional year for us. We had the chance to meet incredible people, had many meetings and crazy ideas. Our team grew in numbers and our customer base too. We succeeded and failed many times, but in the end, it was certainly a year full of learning and improvement!

That’s why we created this infographic that gathers the most groundbreaking things that happened in 2017!

Hurrah! Sales Leaderboards | We Made it Through 2017!

What do you think about our year? Have some ideas for 2018?

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Boston Celtics Crashing the Sales Boards with Hurrah!

^69972C1013CD44DD0A705EA0F142E76F9BF9C78E2B1341FE90^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe Boston Celtics, the most successful NBA franchise with 17 championships – more than any other NBA club – has relied on both its historical legacy and modern technology to achieve sales growth.

The Celtics sales team knew about respecting the trust of the fan
and bonding season ticket holders with the team long-term as a
priority, but measuring sales and encouraging the sales group was another story.



Hurrah! Live in the Boston Celtics Offices


See how Hurrah! became an exciting tool to develop their own sales tournament!

Download the Case Study Here 

Welcome CRMGamified® Motivation Engine 3.0!


There are many ways one can start a new year – our way is to do what we love most: Provide our customers the power to get the most out their CRM investment!

How do we do that? By constantly innovating and building cool new products and releases based on real experiences. That has been our mantra since the first introduction of our CRM Motivation Engine for Dynamics CRM, to the release of our recent new beauty, Hurrah! in mid-2014. Already, several call centers have incorporated Hurrah! into their CRM and have witnessed great results, not only in sales and customer service teams’ performance improvements but also in the valuable business information garnered from their CRM in real-time!

Today we are writing a new page in the history of CRM world-class gamification tools.

CRMGamified® Motivation Engine (ME) 3.0 is here with a completely new re-imagined user interface, engaging user experience, administration simplicity and architecture. Best of all? It’s fully compatible with Dynamics CRM 2011 (since UR12), 2013, 2015 and Online.

Let’s take a sneak peak at it…

The new, re-imagined user interface

Users will be able to see their accomplishments and progress in a new visually appealing format.

How many points have I earned? How close am I to reaching a new level? Which rewards am I most proud to showcase? It’s all there in the new User Profile page.


Figure 1 – The new User Profile page


See a detailed record of all your rewarded activity, including comments and congratulations from your peers and leaders as they celebrate your progress, as well as your updated ranking on the leaderboards…



Figure 2 – The new Motivation Engine user activity feed


Which team or teams am I a member of? What accomplishments have we accumulated together?



Figure 3 – The new Team Profile page


The new Team Profile page lets users quickly see that, as well as all the activity feed for the team, its members and where the team stands in the rankings.


The most engaging CRM experience ever

Qualified your first lead? Here is your first achievement! Congratulations!


Figure 4 – The new Motivation Engine encourages users’ good behavior from the very beginning.


Tried hard calling customers today? You deserve some points, of course!



Figure 5 – Recognizing performance in real time, providing positive reinforcement to users.


With the addition of CRMGamified® ME 3.0 to your Dynamics CRM, your users will now be thrilled to adopt CRM and receive frequent positive reinforcement for good habits, ultimately leading to motivated teams, better sales results and improved customer service performance.

Different types of leaderboards for different time periods give all users the chance to be at the top and share in the excitement of their winning stats:



Figure 6 – Multiple leaderboards by different time periods


And your mission is…

Call 10 leads from your last campaing. Register them as new contacts, capture valuable information from them and arrange meetings to deliver a demo of the new product. Congratulations! You’re a Client Chaser.


Figure 7 – Define targeted missions aligned with business goals in the new CRMGamified® ME 3.0

Your next mission:  generate 5 new opportunities, move them ahead in the sales pipeline, and finally close your first deal. Mission completed? Congratulations! You have graduated to Sales Initiator.

Missions let you, as a manager or administrator, define steps that will help users stay focused on accomplishing their (and your) business goals. No matter if those goals are related to sales, customer service, marketing or custom entities. You will be able to design exciting missions for them!


Figure 8 – Easily design your missions, steps and rules based on any of your CRM entities.


Simple to setup and administer…

As in previous versions, CRMGamified® ME 3.0 is a managed solution that you can easily import into your Dynamics CRM system.

Once imported, you will not believe the power and flexibility you now have in your hands to model games that target your business goals and CRM entities.


Multiple games support

We know different areas within your organization pursue different business goals and in turn, use different elements in CRM.

We have managed to handle those scenarios since v2, and the good news is that it is now easier than ever and you can natively design and tailor different games for different audiences, with of course, different reward rules, achievements, badges, missions and levels.

Here is how the Games Administration page looks like in the new CRMGamified® ME 3.0:


Figure 9 – The new Games Administration page. Easily add or import new games and administer existing ones.


Easily manage who is taking part in the game and who isn’t …

Quickly add or remove people or teams from the game. Easily search and visualize which game that user (well, now player!) is active in.


Figure 10 – The new Players Administration page will let you easily add users and teams to your game.


The new Rules Editor

Your business is unique and so are your processes, entities and fields in Dynamics CRM.

Our new Rules Editor is designed to make it easier for you to setup the simplest to the most complex reward rules, based on your customizations.

Give 10 points for each new opportunity users create. Give 10 extra points if that opportunity is related to your new product line. Reward with a special badge after winning first 5 opportunities for that product line. For your customer service team, do things like rewarding 10 points for resolving cases on the first call and giving extra points for consistently meeting SLAs that particular week.

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Figure 11 – The new Rules Editor makes it easier than ever to define the simplest to the most complex reward rules that meet your business criteria.



Figure 12 – Define multiple conditions per achievement.


The new Badge Designer

YES! You asked for it, you got it.

CRMGamified® ME 3.0 lets you visually create and design your own badges. Indicate a title and description to define it, then select from the included and extensive variety of out of the box icons, colors, stars, difficulty levels and your badge is ready to be used!


Figure 13 – The new Badge Designer lets you visually create and design your custom badges.


Want to learn more?

See it working live!



We welcome you to join us in any  of our 30 minute on-line presentations  where I will be accompanied by Iang Yim, our CTO & gamification expert in charge of the design and development of this new beauty.

Can’t wait? Request a demo now!


I’m so excited about achieving this milestone, and I cannot wait to show you all the exceptional power you can now have in your hands to ignite your CRM, motivate your users, and reach your business goals while getting exceptional CRM adoption rates.


Pablo Peralta

Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

Co-founder & Product Manager

t: @pabloperalta

Gamification and your Company? Learn why and how!

If we say you can generate challenging organizational changes in your enterprise, motivate and develop your collaborators´ skills, by applying game thinking and mechanics… would you believe us?

Well, believe it or not…it is possible! Check out why and how in “Gamification and your Company”!


Zero2Ten Inc. and CRMGamified® has today confirmed their CRM user adoption obsession


Alpheretta, GA

Zero2Ten Inc has today announced its strategic partnership with CRMGamified®.

Zero2Ten Inc has a long tradition of keeping Dynamics CRM simple and driving user adoption as a pre requisite to a successful deployment. Zero2Ten have over 750 CRM customers and add more customers than any other partner onto the Microsoft CRM Online platform, Zero2Ten are excited at the opportunity of bringing CRMGamified® to their new customers to drive user adoption and ownership.

CRMGamified® is a specialist in applying gamification in CRM through its groundbreaking add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Gamification is mostly about fun and recognition; it has positive effects on user adoption and inspires people to use CRM.

Adam Spurr, SVP Global Sales Zero2Ten Inc. stated:

“We are incredibly proud of our customer satisfaction and their feedback, the addition of CRMGamified® to our impressive ISV program will have a very positive impact on our user adoption program.”

Iang F. Yim, CEO CRMGamified® added:

“We are delighted that we have been chosen to partner with Zero2Ten the leader in the CRM Online space. Our solutions will greatly enhance their offering in quest for happy, engaged customers.”

 About Zero2Ten Inc.

Zero2Ten Inc. is one of the world’s leading Dynamics CRM specialists Microsoft Dynamics CRM Inner Circle Member and 2 times Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud Excellence Partner of the Year. With over 750 CRM customers worldwide, Zero2Ten focus heavily on manufacturing, professional services and switchers.


About CRMGamified®

CRMGamified® is global leader in delivering gamified business solutions with a strong emphasis on user adoption. Through our Award winning CRMGamified® technology products, our customers are able to get more out of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology thereby improving user performance and productivity while achieving the organization business objectives and goals.

For Additional Information:

Adam Spurr – 404 855 3907 –

Karel Tamchyna – 716 240 2496 –

How fun and recognition changes everything in CRM…

Hi, As some of you may know, in the last CRMUG Magazine issue I wrote about gamification in CRM and cited a personal anecdote on how I changed the negative corporate CRM sales training atmosphere and turned it into positive one, once I injected a bit of fun into it.

I received many e-mails when the article got published and many of them were related to this anecdote. From those I could sense that I was not the only on e who run into difficult situations during CRM trainings. In this post, I want to briefly share with you another anecdote that happened to me just a couple of weeks ago with a customer (potential customer at that time). It will show how not only fun but also recognition can change people’s behavior and performance.

Recogniztion, GamificationThe Sales Manager was concerned that according to CRM records, no deals were being closed by their salespeople in the last 2 weeks, no new opportunities were generated and very few new leads were created. That was not consistent when compared to actual sales rhythm of the company. The sales team of 10 salespeople working in various locations is using Dynamics CRM Online and according to last reports the solution seems to be working fine for them. So the Sales manager decided to send a typical ‘Please update CRM’ e-mail to his team and (as it usually happens) no-one replied back to him :p) .

The truth was reveled few days later, in a conversation with one of the key salesperson who asked the manager about ‘when his rewards where going to be back up again’. ‘Your rewards back up again, what do you mean?’ asked the manager. To make the long story short, what happened actually was that their CRMGamified® trial has expired. As a result neither him or his colleagues weren’t being recognized for their accomplishments so they were holding all the CRM data updates until the situation was resolved to allow them again (legitimately) earn their points, badges and trophies for their performance.

In fact the salesperson who reported the problem was two levels up compare to his colleagues so he definitely wasn’t willing on missing his points and his game advantage. Crazy? No, it was actually quite funny when I was told this story but also it demonstrated in real life situation how important for people is recognition and thrill of the game. I guess this behavior also supports the recent survey where 83% of employees said recognition for contributions to the company is more appreciated than any plagues or gifts….

What gamification adds to CRM

Gamification is mostly about fun and recognition. Applying gamification in CRM, has positive effects on user adoption, inspires people to accomplish their work goals, helps to keep the system data updated and of high quality.

What gamification adds to CRM

As you already know I am very passionate writing about this topic. Every day I am learning new facts and new success stories that I will try to keep sharing them with you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to inspire your CRM users with new gamification experience, please feel welcome to join any of our upcoming webinars, ask questions there, request a demonstration for you and your team or meet us face-to-face in Tampa during the CRMUG Summit 2013 in October where we’re presenting talks on gamification and participate in user adoption round table discussions.


Pablo Peralta


MVP | Dynamics CRM

Product Manager | CRMGamified®

CRMGamified® 2013 is here!

CRM Gamified

Hold on to your seat, this is an IMPORTANT announcement by CRMGamified®…

Today, we are publicly announcing the release of the new version of our leading gamification add-on for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, CRMGamified® 2013.

It has been an exciting time for our company, also filled with many sleepless nights since our first CRMGamified® release at Convergence 2013 in New Orleans, where we introduced a new paradigm, a solution for assisting with CRM user adoption, leaving many customers, MVPs, Microsoft team members and partners  absolutely dazzled when stopping by our booth.

CRMGamified main screenshot

The new CRMGamified 2013!

Big THANKS goes to the 120+ companies in 25+ countries around the globe that have taken a chance with CRMGamified® to help them to address their CRM user adoption problems, and also helped us to build a better product.

I am so excited about all the new stuff in the CRMGamified® 2013 that I can’t wait to show you all in the series of upcoming webinars scheduled for this month. We will hold these on-line presentations on June 20th  and June 27th.

If you cannot wait until then, we encourage you to request a demo!

Excited and curious about what we have been hiding under the lid for last several months? Let’s take a sneak peak about what is new….

Enriched user interface (UI): clear, fresh and social!

Some of you pointed to us that the News page looked great but a bit overwhelming due to the amount of information displayed.

We listened to your comments and as a result, we are coming back with many improvements! To list a few:

  • Revamped Leaderboard. It will show positions and names but it will allow you to quickly expand to see further details (like level (NEW!), points, number of badges and number of trophies for each player).
  • Clear position. In CRMGamified® 2013 your position now appears in one place, the new leaderboard,  that automatically expands allowing you to easy compare you results with your peers’.
CRMGamified New Leaderboard and Position indicator

CRMGamified New Leaderboard and Position indicator

  • Improved social features. You will be able to keep up to date on the CRMGamified® news in a clear fashion. We introduced several improvements like:
    • Like / Unlike expression
    • Last two comments are expanded by default for each post
    • Only relevant posts are highlighted (when earning badges, trophies or leveling up)
    • New date and time formats (in more social oriented way, like ’10 mins ago’ , ‘yesterday at ..’)
    • Many other fine adjustments to size of comment areas and fonts
CRMGamified - Improved social features

CRMGamified – Improved social features

…and you will also find many more improvements in other areas like User page, Team Profile, Configuration, Resources and more.

CRMGamified® native mobile applications for Android & iOS!

YES, you read it well. We are also introducing our new tool for mobile users. Now, your sales people will be happier than ever to use Dynamics CRM to track their activity while on the road. They will be now able to earn points for visiting customers, registering their phone calls, text messages, e-mails and appointments while on the go.

No other application on the market will provide such power as a quick navigation of your frequently used entities [Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Invoices] + keeping up to date with CRMGamified® news, leaderboard + direct text messaging/emails/call tracking + map location + calendar synchronization + offline work, among other cool features.

CRMGamified Leaderboard in the new native mobile apps!

CRMGamified Leaderboard in the new native mobile apps!

Based on the feedback from our early adopters, CRMGamified® mobile application has more than 85% of the most common features that other mobile vendors offer, but with the unique and incredible advantages of having CRMGamified® on the go (for no additional cost).


CRMGamified Dynamics CRM Mobile client

CRMGamified Dynamics CRM Mobile client

If you would like to learn more about this new, innovative interface or try a demo, just follow this link [click here].


Now it will be possible to set different levels of mastership based on number of accumulated points. Each level will be clear reflection of progress, reputation and status of every player.

CRMGamified - levels of mastership

CRMGamified – levels of mastership

Default levels are introduced as:

  1. Novice
  2. Problem Solver
  3. Expert
  4. Master
  5. Visionary

…but of course, you will be able to completely customize these titles and minimum number of points required for each level.

Unsurpassed flexibility, reward by any action and any criteria in your business process

This is one of my favorite features that will provide you with the greatest gamification configuration flexibility ever seen in Microsoft® Dynamics CRM. It will allow rewarding users by any criteria and any action defined by your business process (reflected in CRM workflows and dialogs).

I am extremely happy to be able to offer you this feature. I witnessed how our customers are using it and the power it gives them. It is absolutely awesome. You will love this feature too!

CRMGamified Flexibility. Custom workflow activity

CRMGamified Flexibility. Custom workflow activity

CRMGamified Flexibility. Custom workflow activity

Here are a few examples how you can use this feature:

  • Rewarding by completing fields (i.e. contact information for Leads, Contacts and Accounts)
  • Rewarding by moving Opportunities forward through the pipeline phases
  • Rewarding with different number of points and badges depending on revenue of closed deals
  • Rewarding with bonus points for closing support cases (within a set time or during the first call)
  • Rewarding by levels of interest generated by a campaign (number of responses or clicks)
  • Rewarding by just following correctly the steps define by company business processes

…and the list can go on and on!

Simplified upgrade process.

We keep the CRM system administrators in mind when developing our solution. The upgrade process is as simple as just one click. After importing the new CRMGamified® 2013 solution into your Dynamics CRM, open the CRMGamified® solution configuration page and click on “Install Updates” button. This will automatically upgrade your system. That’s all!

Install CRMGamified Updates

Install CRMGamified Updates

You may want to press Ctrl + F5 and go to Settings->CRMGamified->Levels to modify and/or just publish the default Levels configuration as that is the new sitemap option in this release.

Detailed steps on how to upgrade are available in our Support & Resources page here.

Simplified licensing model

In order to simplify our customer choice of the solution we combined them all into two editions only,  for Online and for On-premises implementation, both filled with complete set of features.

So, good news for you all! You do not have to make a choice. You will GET IT ALL!. All the power and flexibility in CRMGamified® for everybody!

…and much more!

It is impossible to tell you in this post about everything we included in the CRMGamified® 2013 release. I have barely scraped the surface. Here are few more features to whet your appetite:

  • Game Reset. With just one button click on the Solution configuration page, you will be able to reset all scores and start the new game.
  • 3D Charts. All the charts we include out of the box for managers are now enhanced with rich 3D features.
  • Game progress banner. The notification banner displayed on every entity form, now talks to you in first person, congratulating you when you accomplish something.
  • Many improvements in wording and messages.
  • All bugs reported up to date by customers and early adopters have been addressed and fixed.
  • Several optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Crash report functionality was enhanced to help up to improve our product and your experience.
CRMGamified Dashboards for Managers

CRMGamified Dashboards for Managers

#1 in Features. #1 in Experience. #1 in Customer Service.

CRMGamified #1 gamification tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRMGamified® is recommended by Microsoft® MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), by other Microsoft®  team members, CRM user groups and community sites, by the press, industry magazines and books, and by social networks.

It already offered the most complete set of features and unique flexibility based on feedback from the global market place, and now, with the CRMGamified® 2013 release reinforces our market leadership position and places our gamification solution in a completely uncharted territory.

And you will also be happy to learn that…we are not only ranked as #1 solution on the market by the Feature set but also by the Client Experience and Customer Service. Our CRMGamified® Solution Introduction Program (GSIP) is the complete package. Our gamification specialists assist you with every step in the process, from the first demo, to installation, configuration and final solution adjustments specific to your organization. In addition, our support team is always ready to assist you with any problem or to answer any question you may have. They also monitor and listen to feedback coming from the CRM or gaming community and providing invaluable feedback to our developers.

Interested in learning more?

Join us for any of our upcoming webinars scheduled for scheduled for this month (June 20th  and June 27th), or request a demo, or reach directly to me at

Not a partner yet? Do not miss the opportunity of partnering with us and gaining a unique compelling competitive advantage over your competition! Just click here to learn more about our Partner program.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @crmgamified to keep up with our latest news, industry trends and events.



Pablo Peralta

Product Manager | Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

t: @pabloperalta

CRMGamified Product Manager - MVP Pablo Peralta


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