What I heard at my First Convergence – Empowerment!

As foretold to me, Convergence was fantastic!  But the most fantastic element was hearing Satya Nadella describe the essence of my gamification product as the current mission of Microsoft. No Kidding!

I furiously took notes as he said “Empowerment” and described new “Systems of Intelligence”.  These systems, using data from current “Systems of Record (like a CRM)”, will transform organizations into robust, data saturated, nimble entities, succeeding because of the ability to make well-timed decisions based on current and abundant information!  I listened with excitement as he described a broad system that empowers individuals, and realized it’s what we @ CRMGamified have been talking about for a while.

After all, our Motivation Engine, though not a System of Intelligence, draws current data from Dynamics CRM and offers it to the user for decision making.   We are big believers in a quick feedback loop that empowers individuals to take a look at the data and make decisions in the immediate.   Without the need for a weekly meeting or an emailed report, employees can know their status, their progress and adjust behaviors to achieve.

Now, of course, we are not yet a “System of Intelligence”, an interactive hologram or mood sensing telephone, but we have long been advocates of reward – of the carrot versus the stick approach.  Computer based learning made its mark, by offering the user the freedom to try different approaches until successful, without fear of failure.  Gamification trades on the same innate need of the individual to feel accomplished and make progress.  The intrinsic reward of being able to say…”I did it myself!” equals Empowerment.

And according to Nadella, individual empowerment equals organizational transformation.  Speaking as an individual….I, for one, am looking forward to it!


Debbie Rea
Global Account Manager

Another great Convergence!

Hi everybody,

We’re really happy! Last Microsoft Convergence was great!

16th, 17th and 19th March have been great days in Atlanta. This year’s Convergence had a stupendous kick off as 13.000 people approached this huge event. Among them we found colleagues, business partners, old friends, and, of course, made some new ones.

It was the perfect occasion to exchange ideas with peers, see things for the first time, and learn about the latest features and updates. And we were glad to receive so many positive comments on our new projects. Thanks to all of you who came visit our booth and experienced first-handedly our ‘Motivation Engine 3.0’ and ‘Hurrah!’.


IMG_0861 (2)

Our bussy Booth !

CRMGamified Co-founder and Product Manager, and Microsoft Dynamics MVP, Pablo Peralta, who we like calling PP, represented our team at the event and shared with us his experience.

‘Microsoft Convergence is an always positive event, which definitely renews and revitalizes energies’, he said. ‘This year we were visited by many clients who have already implemented our solutions and were curious to see the new updates on our products. We received at our company’s booth a large group of people that were recommended by our existing clients. The connection with the clients was really strong and we spent truly nice moments’, he added.
According to PP, ‘Motivation Engine 3.0’ brought excitement from those who were aware of previous versions, but didn’t know about this one (which was launched one month ago).

Another ingredient that made this event so special for us, was presenting, for the first time, our newest creation ‘Hurrah!’. Since it was launched by mid-year 2014, we were waiting anxiously to present it at the Microsoft Convergence.

A lot of effort has gone into making this event a success. But… it wasn’t all work, work and work. Everyone attended to the Microsoft Convergence’s party… including the famous band ‘One Direction’!!! Their performance came as a great surprise for everyone. Another big revelation was having Satya Nadella, the current CEO – Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, as the opener of the main Keynote.

So, a great number of talks, innovations and a huge expo where partners presented their products. Not bad for only three days, don’t you think? In fact, it is an EXCELLENT initiative of Microsoft Dynamics and the most important of the events they organize.

Here are a few highlights from the twitter feed #Conv15:




Heading to the next Microsoft Convergence? It will be this year as well (since November the 30th until the 3rd of December). In Barcelona, Spain. But we won’t say anymore. Just wait and see.