We are home again!

We are home again!

The CRMUG Summit was held a few days ago in St. Louis and what a memorable experience it was for the CRMGamified team!

Apart from the rich experience of taking part in such a premier networking event and the opportunity to share knowledge with hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM users, we once again experienced, what we call, Hurrah! moments.

Our gamification solutions caught several hundred visitors’ attention, all of whom stopped by our booth to either watch a demo of the product and/or learn more about our value proposition.










I know, we’ve said it a million times…..gamification is not just a passing trend.  So, believe me when I say that Broadcasting KPIs from CRM isn’t one either!

Performance leaderboards are here to stay!

 Thanks to all for stopping by our booth!

Wait….. Did you miss it? You can still see it for yourself by requesting a demo of Hurrah! and our Motivation Engine!



13 Tips for Convergence 13

Hey everybody!

Wow. The past few weeks were really exciting for us. Just a few days ago we’ve launched our release candidate version. That means our final release is just around the corner; and you’ll probably be able to get it in the next couple of days.  Soon after that, as we’ve already told you, we are going to New Orleans!

We just can’t wait to meet with all of you at Convergence 2013. By then CRMGamified®  will be out of beta so Convergence 2013 we’ll be an opportunity for having all kinds of meetings with our friends and colleagues.

You know how we always say that our business is to make work fun? Well, nothing says “work is fun” like an awesome convention in which we get to spend some time with all our friends and colleagues during the day, and party at night in one of the greatest most fun cities in the world! That’s what’s so cool about these things.

Now, since Convergence 13 is so close we wanted to share a few tips on how to prepare for it. It’s not that we are giving you a full list of things to do; it’s just that in our experience there are a few things that we usually take into account when we go to these conventions. We wouldn’t call it advice, it’s just what we do. 🙂

Do your homework.

1) Get to know the layout of the convention. You can check the floor plan hereFind the key locations. Plan your moves, and higlight the exhibitors you’d like to meet.

2) Schedule meetings in advance (we’ll be on booth 457)…

3) …But don’t overschedule! You don’t want to spend the day running from one meeting to the other (ahem…ahem… did we mention WE’LL BE ON BOOTH 457?).

4) Ok, we’ll just say it: you are probably dying to meet us and see more of CRMGamified. Go ahead click here and schedule your demo!

CRMGamified at booth 457 - Convergence 2013

CRMGamified at booth #457 – Convergence 2013

Pack Smart and Travel Light

5) If you’re flying local to the convention, try to limit what you pack to a single bag that fits in the overhead bin.

6) Remember to leave some space for things you may want to bring back from the convention (i.e.: merchandising, souvenirs, gifts, maybe even prizes!).

7) Bring your business cards. This is a big big networking event. You’ll be making 4 or 5 new contacts per hour.

8) Remember to bring your key gadgets; like your laptop, your mobile phone or your tablet. These days they are just as important as business cards…

9) ..But it won’t hurt to have low tech stuff at hand too: bring several pens, a good old notebook, and boom! you’ll be able to do some good old fashioned networking even if your phone or tablet fails.

10) Oh! Also, get a small power strip! You won’t believe how handy it can be. It will allow you to plug your stuff into an existing outlet without unplugging someone else’s stuff. Remember that by multiplying a power outletby 3 or 4 you may become the hero that saved the day, and being a hero is always a good conversation starter.

Wear comfortable clothes

11) Try to be comfortable but slightly classy. Now, believe me, we at CRMGamified® are no fashion experts but please accept our little advice: inspect your closet and find a flexible relaxed outfit that will work from day to night.
12) Bring a comfortable to wear bag with compartments and pockets. Remember this is not the same as your carry-on baggage; this is the thing that you will be carrying all day while you walk around the Convention. Be comfortable.


13) The good thing about being organized and having a plan in advance is that when you get to the actual convention you get to relax. Some people would say that this much planning makes us uptight. We think it’s the opposite: Now that you know you’ve taken care of all the details you are able to relax and enjoy the show.

I’m sure there are many other things we are not considering. These were just a few tips from the top of our can’t-wait-to-be-there minds. So, if you have anything to add please feel free to send us your comments.

Down the Mississipi, down to New Orleans! Convergence 2013, here we go!

Hi everybody! How is that 2013 treating you?

This is just a quick post to tell you that we are going to be exhibitors at Convergence 2013! Oh yeah! We are going to New Orleans! We are soooo hyped.

In case you don’t know, this is the awesomest event for everything Microsoft Dynamics. We go there to learn, we go there to share, and we go there to party.

Well, come on ev’rybody
Take a trip with me
Well, down the Mississippi
Down to New Orleans

From March 18th to the 21st we’ll be hanging out with the best of the best. Everybody who’s somebody is going to be there (I mean, come on! Even Former Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan will be there!)


There’s still a few days left to register as a full attendee and save $300. Now, when you get there, please visit our booth and we’ll chat about CRM user adoption and gamification in business or, you know, maybe just hang out. We’ll tell you our location via twitter as soon as we unpack our stuff.

Is any of you already registered? Come on, don’t be shy and raise your hands, send your comments!