Meet us at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015!

It’s already July! Microsoft’s WPC 2015 in Orlando is just around the corner, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to let you know we’ll be there slide!

Don’t miss this great event, peers and partners from all around the world; it offers great sessions, experiences of other partners, and more, learning while having fun! And if you are interested in learning how to increase user adoption by applying gamification tactics in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our Motivation Engine or Hurrah! it’s the perfect chance!

Hurrah! Leaderboard: our web application allows you to increase speed of sharing data, increase motivation, engagement, communication and recognition! If you want to know more check our Top 9 reasons for choosing Hurrah! Leaderboard.

CRMGamified Motivation engine: our Dynamics CRM Add-on drives sales, improves customer service, and more!  Learn more about our Motivation Engine here!

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CRMGamified Introduces Hurrah! in Microsoft offices

CRMGamified Introduces Hurrah! in Microsoft offices

On Wednesday November 27th, CRMGamified was excited to introduce Hurrah! to a new group of clients and Microsoft representatives at an event called “The Cloud is tangible”.

Our app, which generates dynamic leaderboards by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data and broadcasting results as they happen within CRM, keeps surprising clients and Microsoft commercial executives alike.

The event´s main objective was to have a variety of Microsoft partners introduce new and creative products and solutions which work in the Cloud. Having already been implemented in Azure, it was only natural that Hurrah! be in attendance.

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The CRMGamified team thoroughly enjoyed an enriching, creative and innovative time with clients and friends and would like to shout “Hurrah!” to Microsoft and the partners who support such events which  allow us to show our clients practical solutions that add value to their businesses.

Ignite Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Game Showcase [WEBINAR]

Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance has invited Senior Business Strategist and CRM Gamification Specialist Karel Tamchyna with CRMGamified® to present during our next webinar for your inspiration: Ignite Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a Game Showcase.

This presentation will include reasons and benefits for gamifying the business solutions, principles of business solutions gamification, case studies on how gamification is helping organizations to grow, a quick look at ROI of gamified CRM solutions and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRMGamified® demo.

This webinar will take place Thursday May 8, 2014 at 9-10 AM UCT (3-4 PM London time) – Please request an invitation at .


Down the Mississipi, down to New Orleans! Convergence 2013, here we go!

Hi everybody! How is that 2013 treating you?

This is just a quick post to tell you that we are going to be exhibitors at Convergence 2013! Oh yeah! We are going to New Orleans! We are soooo hyped.

In case you don’t know, this is the awesomest event for everything Microsoft Dynamics. We go there to learn, we go there to share, and we go there to party.

Well, come on ev’rybody
Take a trip with me
Well, down the Mississippi
Down to New Orleans

From March 18th to the 21st we’ll be hanging out with the best of the best. Everybody who’s somebody is going to be there (I mean, come on! Even Former Secretary-General of the UN Kofi Annan will be there!)


There’s still a few days left to register as a full attendee and save $300. Now, when you get there, please visit our booth and we’ll chat about CRM user adoption and gamification in business or, you know, maybe just hang out. We’ll tell you our location via twitter as soon as we unpack our stuff.

Is any of you already registered? Come on, don’t be shy and raise your hands, send your comments!