The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Sales – Part 2

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Recently, we brought you the “20 Sales Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2020”. We’ve also found that there is a wide range of free, high-quality sales content available on another platform: YouTube. Learn how to be successful in the field with the help of the experts in this popular site. Here is the second part of our 10 favorite YouTube Channels for sales that you need to check out:

Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak youtube channel for sales

Sales trainer, author and speaker, Art Sobczak started working in the sales industry at age 14, and has never stopped. He founded his company, Business by Phone in 1983. He provides useful conversational advice to thousands of sales professionals, helping them close deals more efficiently.

His book Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling was chosen by Top Sales Awards as the Top Sales Book of 2010. As well as that, he provides a two-day online training seminar called “Smart Calling College”.  He also gives personalized training courses to companies from all over the world.

Sobczak’s YouTube channel has most of his podcast episodes. On them, he targets prospecting, successful phone calls, voice mail and email communications, as well as specific case-to-case analysis. You can also find interviews to other sales experts and authors. There are find short to the point videos with specific tips to help you improve your day-to-day performance as well.

Avg. video length: 40 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Every 2 weeks.

Must-see video: How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead


Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy

Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy Youtube Channel

Also featured in our “20 Sales Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2020” article, Jeb Blount is an extremely prolific sales acceleration expert, with new weekly content in his podcast, in his YouTube channel, seven books published since 2009 and four companies: Sales Gravy, Channel EQ, Level 4 Training and Innovate HCG.

He also has more than 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies. Jeb Blount is considered a top sales and marketing leader, top selling influencer, top sales expert to follow on Twitter, must-read author, part of the 100 most innovative sales bloggers, and the most downloaded sales podcaster in the history of iTunes.

His YouTube channel is fresh and has diverse quality content. It includes book reviews, sales training on cold calling, prospecting, customer experience, high-performance and sales tips.

Avg. video length: 30 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Once a day.

Must-see video: The More You Prospect, The Luckier You Get


Jim Pancero

Jim Pancero Youtube Channel for sales

In his more than 35 years working as a sales leadership consultant and coach, Pancero has given more 3,000 speeches, seminars, and consulting with more than 600 companies in 80 industries. He is also a member of the University of Innovative Distribution and a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame since 1997.

He is also an author, and has written two books: “You Can Always Sell More – How to Improve Any Sales Force” and “Leading Your Sales Team – How to Manage a Winning Sales Team“.

Pancero not only coaches offline but has a YouTube channel with regular content. It was even rated by HubSpot as one of the 10 best sales video channels out there. He’s entertaining, bright and has extensive research in the sales industry and in every topic he discusses. You can find videos on virtually every subject, and his comments and tips are mainly aimed at sales managers and team leaders.

Avg. video length: 2-5 mins.

Uploading Frequency: 2 videos per week.

Must-see video: Your Price is Too High! 7 Steps to Defending Price


Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner Sales Youtube Channel

CEO and founder of Selling Power, Inc., a multi-channel media company that also produces Selling Power magazine for sale professionals and managers, Gschwandtner is a sales expert and in 2010 he received the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. 2010 Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award.

Known as a sales guru, Gschwandtner runs four Sales 3.0 conferences a year congregating over 2,000 sales managers and marketing leaders. As well as that, he created the Peak Performance Mindset workshop that teaches salespeople to throw limits out the window and feel empowered, and he has authored 16 books in sales psychology, management, and selling.

His YouTube channel is also very popular. With almost 2 million views in total, he discusses several different subjects including new sales book releases, useful tips, discussions on accountability, closing a sale, value selling, sales strategy, coaching, and more.

Avg. video length: 12 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Once a week.

Must-see video: How to Teach Business Acumen to Salespeople Youtube Channel

Another popular name in our sales podcast list, Will Barron is not only the creator of the Salesman Podcast, with over half a million downloads every month, but he is also the founder and managing director of, a training platform that promises “to assess your weaknesses, learn effective sales skills, practice them and hit quota or [get] your money back”.

Barron has also undertaken the challenge of building one of the best YouTube channels for sales, which to this day has more than 35k subscribers and almost 1.8 million views. Not only can you find the best episodes of his podcast, but there are also short, easy-to-follow videos that discuss specific topics ranging from how to talk to anyone about anything to cognitive bias, selling anxiety, how to differentiate your product, forcing functions and more.

Avg. video length: 40 mins.

Uploading Frequency: Once every two days.

Must-see video: The Four Personality Types & How to Sell To Them


If you want more awesome YouTube Channels for sales don’t forget to check Part 1!


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