How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

These days, it is not unusual to hear of companies using fantasy sports teams as part of their Sales Gamification Strategy. Dividing a sales force up into ‘teams’ improves sales team performance and improves sales pipeline quality through better CRM use. But a new trend observed by CRM Gamified finds that the Sports Industry is enthusiastically embracing Gamification strategies for their own sales team organizations.

This is not surprising given the recent increase in sales for sporting events. The NBA alone set a record attendance for the 2015-2016 season with over 21 million fans attending games. And making a record for sellouts (723). With a need to manage large sales departments that are handling high volumes of ticket sales, gamification works particularly well with sports organizations to help sales teams benchmark performance, increase data reporting accuracy and increase sales.

How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

While most sales training includes a thorough onboarding process, they do little to ensure that reps will have an ongoing opportunity to advance their knowledge retention and selling skills.

According to a recent white paper on the future of sales training by Sales Performance International, “without systematic, ongoing learning and reinforcement, approximately 50% of the learning content is not retained within five weeks, much less applied, and within 90 days, 84% of what was initially learned is lost”. This highlights the need for a gamification product that is not only user-friendly. But also can continually be honing salespersons’ skills via the application of competition and engaging leaderboards.

A real-time solution

Hurrah! Leaderboard is an example of this type of dynamic tool that shares sales data from CRM. And also engages sales teams with game elements such as rankings, awards, and recognition. All which can be tailored to the individual (custom alert songs, etc.). Further, when sales are made, details and custom sounds are displayed for everyone to see. These audio-visual cues serve to motivate the reps to make more sales and display accurate data. Meanwhile, lower sales performers are able to witness the best practices of higher sales makers and their corresponding revenue. Which in turn, motivates them to increase their sales.


These elements of the Hurrah! Leaderboard makes it a particularly compelling tool for sports organizations. The Dallas Cowboys, for example, are just one of many top sports leagues that have experienced success with the Hurrah! Leaderboard, especially appreciating the “live” recording and broadcasting of data via the Big Event alerts that the leaderboard utilizes.

The Dallas Cowboys chose Hurrah! Leaderboards

Using a set of pre-defined KPIs specific to the sports industry. Like Won Ticket Sales Opportunity, Won Renewal Ticket Cases, Total Full Season Revenue, and Premium Pack Revenue, to name a few examples. The Dallas Cowboys sales department chose the Hurrah! Leaderboard for its real-time reporting and tracking features. Combined with the audio-visual cues for motivating the sales team. As PJ Pepa, CRM Manager at the Dallas Cowboys states: “when using gamification software, use the best technology available with Hurrah! CRM!”