Why Wait for Sales Success?

I often hear from clients that they are in the midst of their CRM upgrade and they feel it’s best to wait until after deployment to implement gamification and productivity solutions.  Of course, I understand that everyone is busy and technology implementations require attention.   And while I appreciate that resource and time management are issues, I always hang up the phone wondering why anyone would wait to increase success and revenue!  After all what is more important than making more sales?  Right now!

CRMGamified’s Motivation Engine & Hurrah! Leaderboard are designed to simply and unobtrusively energize sales and service personnel. Gamification as a productivity solution takes advantage of human nature and our need to climb the ladder of success or at least not live on the bottom rung! Solution implementation can be done quickly and results are seen within days.  It’s true.  As soon as you reveal individual and group performance, we’re all immediately engaged and begin to focus on the task at hand.  The incremental increase in activities adds up to sales and revenue.  Its’ that simple.

In addition to immediate success results, it has been my experience that those who deploy a new version of CRM simultaneously with CRMGamified tools have great success throughout the process of introducing a new environment.   Two benefits to the organization for the price of one.

Sometimes, we get bogged down in our Things to do list, without looking at the bigger picture, our goals to increase revenue, profitability and grow our business.

So I ask you….Why Wait?!


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