Find out how Hurrah! Leaderboards is helping sales teams with engagement and motivation. Hurrah! offered them a simple, impactful solution to introduce gamification into daily activities. As a result, they improved CRM user adoption, inspired team culture, promoted an energetic atmosphere and power up sales and performance levels!

Our case studies include:

— a growing outbound for OSEG,

— the Boston Celtics and a winning sales culture,

— the Kansas City Royals being champions in sales!,

— the Dallas Cowboys motivating sales reps,

— the Charlotte Hornets recognizing and rewarding their team’s achievements,

— the Minnesota Timberwolves increasing CRM adoption and gathering more actionable data for their sales team,

— and the Miami Dolphins accelerating sales with Hurrah!

Learn more about our success stories!

Outbound Sales Win Big with Hurrah! Leaderboards [Case Study]

After just one month using Hurrah! [The Study] Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), based in Ottawa, Canada, manages three of the city’s premier sports teams and ...

Dallas Cowboys use Hurrah! to Motivate Reps and Increase Sales!

The Dallas Cowboys hold several sporting honors, including being the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons. The Cowboys have a robust sales department that had alr...

The Minnesota Timberwolves Win BIG with Sales Motivation Technology

The history of the Minnesota Timberwolves, an NBA expansion team formed in 1989 is full of great players and impressive accomplishments. They headed to the playoffs 8 consecutive...

Boston Celtics Crashing the Sales Boards with Hurrah!

About Boston Celtics The Boston Celtics, the most successful NBA franchise with 17 championships – more than any other NBA club – has relied on both its historical legacy and...

Charlotte Hornets' Case Study Now Available!

See how the Charlotte Hornets are celebrating the wins, having fun and fostering a culture of motivation and success with Hurrah! Director of Database Marketing and Analytics, C...

Miami Dolphins Accelerate Sales with Hurrah! Leaderboard®

Increasing sales, achieving goals and motivating sales people is the fundamental challenge faced by all sales & marketing organizations. The Dolphins Management team wanted t...