Sales Leaderboard

Measure progress and display your KPIs in real time!

Say goodbye to boring handwritten or spreadsheet leaderboards that are a pain to update. Hurrah! sales leaderboards are easy to set up and automatically update in real time, keeping everybody in the know.

What is a Sales Leaderboard?

A sales leaderboard is a motivational tool for improving teams’ data quality, promoting transparency, and boosting employee engagement. It tracks your sales team’s metrics and overall performance to keep your teams going.

Our digital sales leaderboard software lets you identify and measure your most relevant performance indicators based on your company’s goals.

As a gamification software, Hurrah! offers customized progress-tracking bar graphs, performance rankings, and multi-column leaderboards to display multiple KPIs at once. Promote CRM user adoption and give your sales teams the boost they need to succeed!

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