Your Real-Time Recognition Tool

Improve your Contact Center teams performance by broadcasting KPIs
and celebrating their achievements.

Display your key data on TVs.

Find the best way to display your data throughout your office by choosing from our template gallery of charts, leaderboards, grids or announcement slides and customizing them to fit your business needs.

Create appealing contests

Keep your individuals and teams focused and engaged by creating tournaments or contests based on performance. Reward the winners to ensure fun and healthy competition!

Celebrate people’s achievements

Feature outstanding actions or accomplishments for your business with Hurrah’s Big Events, which can be set to be triggered by that special achievement and show a cool video to catch the attention of everybody in the room and recognize the star performer!

Use Hurrah! as a communication channel

Set-up announcements, countdowns, big figures, goal accomplishments, etc.. Keep everyone in the office aware about what’s going on and what’s coming up next!

Get your data directly from its source.

Hurrah! can get information from several data-sources including SQL Server, Dynamics CRM, IBM DB2, MySQL Server, Oracle and Excel. Information will be updated in real time, no need to do so manually!

Create and edit slides

Easily setup users with no hassle, using our friendly web admin console.