Engage. Motivate.

Hurrah! is a performance tracking solution for sales and service teams. Hurrah! connects directly to your CRM or other databases so you can start sharing live, fully customized KPIs, communications, and custom media to every team member no matter where they are.

Bring your remote teams closer together while improving employee engagement, motivation, and productivity!

Why choose Hurrah! for your sales or service team




Lack of immediate feedback and effective communication with your team results in underperforming organizations.


Teams that receive immediate feedback
and recognition for accomplishments
have greater levels of engagement and motivation, resulting in higher productivity and employee satisfaction.



Increase in Campaign Sales
Performance, OSEG



Increase in Overall Calls Made
Kansas City Royals



Returns on Investment
In just one month, OSEG

Real-Time Sales Leaderboards

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Keep your team engaged and focused on the goals that matter. Hurrah!’s dynamic communication channel lets you share your organization’s goals and strategies, track progress, as well as broadcast news and updates.

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Energize your team dynamic with gamification. Hurrah! leverages gamification mechanics to enliven and engage your team in daily activities. Foster healthy competition and
team spirit with live leaderboards, rankings, contests and more.

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Monitor and display your key performance indicators in real-time for both in-house and remote teams. Giving your metrics center stage increases team accountability and improves data transparency by keeping your team members informed about individual and group performance.

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Foster a culture of real-time recognition. With Hurrah! never miss an opportunity to congratulate teammates on their achievements. Celebratory events slides can be set to go off when an employee or team accomplishes something big or reaches a goal. Bring the whole team into the celebration no matter where they are! This will help cultivate a strong team culture of positive feedback and support.

Key Benefits Reported by Hurrah! Clients

  • MOTIVATE your team and increase productivity towards the goals that matter most.

  • PROMOTE CRM user adoption.

  • ENHANCE team culture and employee satisfaction.

  • IMPROVE data quality and visibility.

Want to see how Hurrah! works?

Who uses Hurrah! Leaderboards?

Any group of individuals that work together, whether they are in the same location or remotely, towards a common goal.

Examples are:

  • Inbound and outbound sales teams
  • Customer support teams
  • Outbound recruitment teams
  • Software Development teams
  • Administrative teams
  • Outbound marketing teams

Really any team with measurable performance metrics working towards a common goal!

Success Stories

Growing Outbound: OSEG Case Study

OSEG was looking to develop a more outbound focused sales organization. They saw the need for a solution that would increase the visibility of their sales metrics and help create a more engaging sales team environment. Hurrah! offered them a simple, impactful solution that introduced elements of gamification into daily activities.


7 Strategies to Improve Productivity

Sales productivity has a significant impact on revenue and is a key factor for success in any business. Improving sales productivity means maximizing results while minimizing the resources expended. This is no easy challenge. How do we capitalize on human talent and be more efficient with the allotted time? Discover these 7 strategies you can use to improve sales productivity and form stronger relationships with clients and leads.


With Hurrah! The KCR are Champions in Sales!

Performance recognition tools help the Kansas City Royals’ sales team close more opportunities than ever before and tripled their call volume!