3 ways to get the most out of Hurrah! In 3 minutes or less

Some of our favorite ways to use Hurrah! have nothing to do with KPIs. Try adding content with a personal touch, sharing tips for your team, and celebrating your great employees. Here are three ideas you can use to customize your Hurrah! Leaderboards Channels that take just 3 minutes or less!


Take a minute to add some inspiration to your team’s day. Use the custom media feature to share a quote of the day. No time to make them yourself? We’ve got you covered. Download full resolution slides to share with your team here. And here.


Keep your team at the top of their game by sharing tips and tricks each day.  or broadcast selling points for reps to keep in mind.

Working on data quality? Share CRM tips with your team.

Input data as you go. Your information will be more accurate and you’ll be less likely to miss something if do are sure to input data as soon as you finish a task.

CRM focus area: Don’t forget to include contact information in your accounts!

Make CRM usage a habit. Incorporate data input into your routine so you never miss a beat.

Broadcast sales tips for your reps to keep in mind.

Upselling opportunity highlight: Our brand new executive viewing suites are perfect for your next after office event. Come watch the game in style!

Promo reminder: $200 cashback bonus when you upgrade your card to platinum!

Ask about someone’s day today. A smile goes a long way.


Your team is amazing, celebrate them for showing up and giving their best every day. Use your Hurrah! Leaderboards channel to celebrate your team’s birthdays, anniversaries, welcome new team members, and more!

Make use of the media feature to upload your custom designs. We recommend using Canva for easy to use templates. The 1920 x 1080 px presentation template will fit your Hurrah! screen perfectly!

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