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Hurrah! 5.2 is out!

A Fresh New Look Over the last few months, our team of designers and developers has been working to bring you Hurrah! 5.2, with new looks, new features, and functional improvements. We are also rolling out our new look as a brand with an update to our logo. New Modern Theme Hurrah!’s 5.2 new, modern […]

What is the best CRM for Sales Teams? Salesforce vs. Dynamics 365

Choosing the best CRM for sales teams is a challenge for companies both big and small. The right system can be an invaluable tool, and the wrong one can be a waste of money and time. This article provides a side-by-side comparison of the two leading CRMs for sales teams and answers some of the […]

5 Call Center Contest Ideas to Motivate Your Team

Call center work can be repetitive and it is often challenging to keep motivation and engagement levels high among employees. Contests are a great way to introduce gamification into daily activities. These call center contest ideas work well to track goals and engage employees, and have the added bonus of boosting productivity and building camaraderie […]

9 Best Automatic Sales Prospecting Tools Reviewed

  In order to set just one appointment, an average outbound salesperson needs to make 8 dials per hour and prospect for almost 6.5 hours. This doesn’t seem like a very efficient use of their time, right? Time is money when it comes to sales, and manual prospecting often generates more losses than revenue. Nevertheless, […]