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5 Call Center Contest Ideas to Motivate Your Team

Call center work can be repetitive and it is often challenging to keep motivation and engagement levels high among employees. Contests are a great way to introduce gamification into daily activities. These call center contest ideas work well to track goals and engage employees, and have the added bonus of boosting productivity and building camaraderie […]

9 Best Automatic Sales Prospecting Tools Reviewed

  In order to set just one appointment, an average outbound salesperson needs to make 8 dials per hour and prospect for almost 6.5 hours. This doesn’t seem like a very efficient use of their time, right? Time is money when it comes to sales, and manual prospecting often generates more losses than revenue. Nevertheless, […]

Essential KPIs for Staffing & Recruiting [Infographic]

    Essential Staffing & Recruiting KPIs 1. Productivity Metrics Productivity metrics measure key daily activities by recruited or team. These KPIs are useful in order to track how individuals or teams are performing in executing daily tasks. Some such staffing and recruiting activity-based metrics include: Interviews (weekly) Emails Phone Calls Candidates Qualified Open v. […]

Can Gamification Increase ROI of Sales CRM?

Poor user adoption of sales CRMs is often a major barrier to ROI. Gamification can help change that. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. There is no doubt that investing in a CRM system for sales teams can be highly effective, but […]

High Turnover is Costing Call Centers: Why Employee Retention Should be a Priority and What to do About it

Call centers are one of the industries most affected by high turnover rates. On average, call centers in the US have turnover of 30-45% according to the Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC). This is well above what is considered to be a normal turnover rate. Call centers in particular suffer from poor employee retention as […]

NewsFlash! Hurrah!’s Newest Feature

Ever find yourself needing to get your team’s attention right now? Records have been broken, prizes won, there are cookies in the break-room—now your most important updates will never get lost in the depths of inboxes or group chats again. Interrupt your regularly scheduled programming any time with NewsFlashes on your Hurrah! Channel. Instantly send […]


Outbound Sales Win Big with Hurrah! Leaderboards [Case Study]

After just one month using Hurrah! [The Study] Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG), based in Ottawa, Canada, manages three of the city’s premier sports teams and live entertainment events. Looking to develop their outbound sales culture with a more engaging sales team environment, they chose  Hurrah! Leaderboards, to introduce gamification into their daily activities. Hurrah!’s simple, high-impact […]


New Features in Leaderboards Software: How to get the most out of Hurrah! 4.0

Our clients spoke, and we listened. Introducing all new features and better functionality. Hurrah! just got some shiny new updates. At Hurrah! we are proud to offer innovative and effective solutions in CRM gamification and leaderboards software. We are constantly working to improve our product to meet the needs of our clients, expand capability, and improve […]