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Creating a User-Centric Platform: Hurrah! 5.4

Those who have used or followed our product over the years will notice that our latest release marks a departure from past product evolutions. Hurrah! 5.4 introduces an all new user experience aimed at changing the way people interact with the platform. It is the start on a path towards a more user-centric, remote friendly, […]

Measuring for Success: Crucial KPIs for Insurance

The myriad of supposed key performance indicators (KPIs) for insurance floating around can be dizzying. Nevertheless, at Hurrah! we believe that defining and tracking the right KPIs for your company is crucial. It is the first step in collecting essential information to make decisions and keep your teams on track. Insurance companies often have the […]

Hurrah! 5.2 is out!

A Fresh New Look Over the last few months, our team of designers and developers has been working to bring you Hurrah! 5.2, with new looks, new features, and functional improvements. We are also rolling out our new look as a brand with an update to our logo. New Modern Theme Hurrah!’s 5.2 new, modern […]

Hurrah! for Work From Home!

Now more than ever, we need to focus on encouraging and motivating our teams as much as we can. At the moment, every employee is facing new challenges on their own. So, it is of vital importance, now more than ever, that they feel heard and supported. Thinking about those consequences that social distancing can […]

Effective communication for new remote teams

Recently, we shared some advice on how to face the challenges of working from home. But we wanted to focus on a key factor: communication for remote teams.  Employees might not be used to working remotely and most companies don’t have a clear set of norms when it comes to internal communication. As a result, […]

How to successfully manage a remote sales team

The need to work remotely has never been more pressing than it is now. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is spreading around the world, and as a result, many companies are asking their employees to work from the safety of their homes. Supporting remote employees is nothing new, but when it comes to managing inside sales teams that […]