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Announcing Hurrah! Leaderboards Enterprise Edition with Multiple Datasource Integration

It’s been a busy first half for our Customer Success representatives! Who are in charge of signing new companies up every month. They thoroughly guide every new client through our innovative real-time leaderboards and enterprise gamification processes. Whether it was the Sales or Customer Service crew of a recognized Sports team, a Professional Service, or […]

How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

These days, it is not unusual to hear of companies using fantasy sports teams as part of their Sales Gamification Strategy. Dividing a sales force up into ‘teams’ improves sales team performance and improves sales pipeline quality through better CRM use. But a new trend observed by CRM Gamified finds that Sports Organizations themselves are […]

Using Gamification to Improve CRM Engagement

Encouraging employees to adopt a new technology within any organization can be challenging. Significant time and money are invested in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to be set up specifically to meet a company’s requirements. Also, the CRM is a key sales tool for tracking potential and existing customers. It is crucial that data […]

The Evolution of Leaderboards by Mario Herger.

Leaderboards are one of the most popular game design elements that gamification designers have in their toolset. Ranking players by their achievements is something that we are all familiar with, as it has been used in most sports to showcase the winners and losers. But leaderboards are not just isolated. They build on other game […]

Welcome Hurrah!, The New Way to Inspire a Winning Sales Culture and Drive CRM Adoption…

You may already know of our obsession for helping organizations get the most out of their Dynamics CRM investments. The way we do this is simple: by understanding people’s behaviors and motivations. Sales VPs and Managers are primarily focused on achieving sales goals and in concert with that, looking at different ways to accelerate sales cycles, convert prospects into actual customers, cross-sell and up-sell […]

Gamification helping with change management … where the engagement crisis hurts most.

In today’s complex and uncertain business environment, change (or transformation) is required more often, with higher complexity and overall scope as well. Such programs pose significant challenges on the entire organization: implementation work need to be done on top of the day-to-day job and worse, change often involves fear and resistance. Therefore change management might […]

How fun and recognition changes everything in CRM…

Hi, As some of you may know, in the last CRMUG Magazine issue I wrote about gamification in CRM and cited a personal anecdote on how I changed the negative corporate CRM sales training atmosphere and turned it into positive one, once I injected a bit of fun into it. I received many e-mails when […]

CRMGamified® 2013 is here!

Hold on to your seat, this is an IMPORTANT announcement by CRMGamified®… Today, we are publicly announcing the release of the new version of our leading gamification add-on for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, CRMGamified® 2013. It has been an exciting time for our company, also filled with many sleepless nights since our first CRMGamified® release at Convergence […]

Gamification Vs Procrastination: The Game of Life

Hi Everybody! Today we’d like to share an awesome little article we’ve just found on Lifehacker. As you probably now, Lifehacker is a website from which you can get all sort of tips to improve your productivity at work or your life in general. It’s a very useful resource that is usually lots of fun […]