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Healthy Sales Competition: A Myth or Reality?

You may have heard some say that, “Healthy competition is an oxymoron.” At CRMGamified, we’d like to politely disagree (at least when it comes to competition on the sales floor)! Here’s why. Competitions can give your sales team that extra push to take sales to the next level. When a previous record is broken, it […]

5 Ways to Improve Sales Team Communication

Communication is key to building a confident, engaged, and productive sales team.  Effective sales team communication is not just about pushing product updates and pricing information. It is also essential to keeping your team motivated, engaged, and aligned with the organization’s goals and values. Good communication is one of the marks of a great sales manager. […]

Sales Contests Do’s and Don’ts: How to Create an Awesome Competition to Encourage Your Sales Team

When managed well, sales contests are a great tool to motivate your sales team, boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction. Done poorly, sales contests can be alienating, generate negativity and ultimately fail to generate desired results. Here we’ll share the biggest do’s and don’ts of managing sales contests, so you can create great sales contests […]

How to Easily Build a Sales Leaderboard

Have you heard about the benefits of Sales Leaderboards and how they can change the workplace environment? Are you looking for a solution that will motivate your team’s daily tasks and create a healthy competition between reps? In this post, you will discover why Leaderboards are a powerful tool and how to set one up! […]

7 Strategies You Can Use To Improve Sales Productivity

Sales productivity has a direct impact on revenue and is a key factor in the success of nearly any business. Improving sales productivity means maximizing results and minimizing the resources used. This is no easy task. Studies show sobering statistics about the state of sales productivity. According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group, two-thirds of […]

Top 6 CRM Gamification Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them!)

Gamification has become an extremely successful tool to boost productivity among salespeople. Yet, as it happens with any tool, when you incorrectly implement gamification on the CRM, benefits can easily turn into drawbacks. What better way to avoid such mistakes, than to learn from the best in the business? We’ve consulted a series of gamification […]

How Sales Leaderboards Help Promote Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are probably the two most important elements in successful organizations. In fact, according to a Harvard Business Review survey, 70% of employees are more engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategies. There are several tools that can assist management in this process, including sales leaderboards. That is to say, […]

Hurrah! is one of the Top Sales Gamification Solutions on G2 Crowd

Great news! We were just ranked as one of the best software companies for Sales Gamification on G2 Crowd! We’ve been following this leading B2B product review company for a while (including as users), and we really appreciate how they effectively help when it comes to choosing the right product to fit your needs. The […]

Real-Time Leaderboards: The Must-Have Gamification Solution For Any Sales Team!

In our previous posts, we’ve seen how gamification in the workplace presents many significant advantages both for companies and for employees. Moreover, Real-Time Leaderboards are an innovative approach that has proven to be a powerful tool not only to improve productivity levels but also to find and retain talent, promote collaboration among team members, motivate […]

Leaderboards Do’s and Don’ts: The Best and Worst Practices For Sales Executives

Sales leaderboards are a tried and true way to bring out the competitive side of sales. That is to say, performance tracking on sales leaderboards introduces game-like elements in daily activities. This kind of gamification in the workplace can actually boost productivity and employee morale. Therefore, in the last decade, many big companies have implemented […]