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The Evolution of Leaderboards by Mario Herger.

Leaderboards are one of the most popular game design elements that gamification designers have in their toolset. Ranking players by their achievements is something that we are all familiar with, as it has been used in most sports to showcase the winners and losers. But leaderboards are not just isolated. They build on other game […]

Welcome Hurrah! Inspire a Winning Sales Culture and Drive CRM Adoption

Welcome Hurrah! You may already know of our obsession for helping organizations get the most out of their Dynamics CRM investments. The way we do this is simple: by understanding people’s behaviors and motivations. Sales VPs and Managers are primarily focused on achieving sales goals.  And, in concert with that, looking at different ways to accelerate sales cycles, convert prospects […]

How can Gamification help with change management? Where the engagement crisis hurts most.

Change and implementation work In today’s complex and uncertain business environment, change (or transformation) is required more often, with higher complexity and overall scope as well. Such programs pose significant challenges on the entire organization: implementation work need to be done on top of the day-to-day job and worse, change often involves fear and resistance. […]

A CRM ROI Calculator for the ROI you don’t have yet!

Hello Everybody! Do you remember that little post we shared about the 10 deadly sins in CRM Adoption? It was really just a quick translation to English of the key points in Pablo Peralta’s original in Spanish. Well, that article was our top content for November. It brought us tons of visitors, many of whom […]

10 Deadly Sins in CRM User Adoption

Hi Everybody! Today we have a very interesting blog post published by the MVP behind CRMGamified, Pablo Peralta, in which he explains the importance of User Adoption for CRM. The original piece is in Spanish, but we’d like to share an outline of the key concepts with you. Pablo’s article is entitled 10 Deadly Sins […]