Hurrah! and how it can work for you

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Hi everyone! Do you recall my telling you about Hurrah!? Well if you weren’t paying attention before you should definitely pay attention now, because today I will share with you some common problems that Hurrah! can help solve.

Common problems among Sales Managers and VPs:

  • Reaching sales goals
  • Accelerating sales cycles and closing more deals
  • Correct follow up of Clients and leads
  • Incentivizing and empowering sales teams
  • Avoiding information leaks

Common problems among Sales professionals:

  • Closing more deals
  • Making more calls
  • Scheduling more meetings
  • Reporting activities and results
  • Feeling “too busy”

What can you do to help them stay focused on the activities that generate sales while implementing your CRM system?

Unfortunately, when you implement CRM these problems don´t magically disappear. Salespeople don’t necessarily adopt CRM and you end up feeling as though you have wasted valuable time and money while continuing to miss clients and opportunities.

Why do these projects fail?

According to –

Forrester Research: The main cause of failure is that 70% of users don’t adopt

AMR Research:  47% of clients report problems with user adoption

Butler Group: 50% of functionalities are not adopted by users

Accenture:  Only 31% of clients report 90% of user adoption

Clearly user adoption is one of the main problems.

So how can Hurrah! help you motivate sales teams to achieve their goals and use CRM properly?

Hurrah! –

  • Fosters competition – people´s intrinsic and natural motivation
  • Defines clear objectives
  • Builds team spirit
  • Stimulates self-achievement
  • Provides Instant Feedback
  • Constantly motivates activities that generate sales
  • Rewards those activities
  • Changes behaviors
  • Recognizes good performance in real time
  • Celebrates great achievements

All in all, Hurrah! stimulates the behaviors required to, among other things, generate good data quality and activity reports while enhancing the use of CRM resulting in a motivated sales team that accelerates the sales cycle and reaches or even exceeds their sales targets!


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