Welcome Hurrah! Inspire a Winning Sales Culture and Drive CRM Adoption

Welcome Hurrah!

You may already know of our obsession for helping organizations get the most out of their Dynamics CRM investments. The way we do this is simple: by understanding people’s behaviors and motivations.

Hurrah! Leaderboard showcasing your big performers

Hurrah! Leaderboard showcasing your big performers on ‘the big screen’.

Sales VPs and Managers are primarily focused on achieving sales goals.  And, in concert with that, looking at different ways to accelerate sales cycles, convert prospects into actual customers, cross-sell and up-sell to existing ones. As well as that, improve records, forecast sales with better accuracy while continuously introducing incentives to motivate their sales force.

On the other hand, Sales Professionals typically claim to be very busy (and they are!). Not only evolving customer relationships and building pipeline but also falling victim to numerous distractions a day. From constant phone calls to an onslaught of incoming e-mails, social network messaging. At the same time, having to keep several information systems up to date – CRM amongst them.

We at CRMGamified® understand those challenges very well after working closely with a variety of sales teams around the globe, defining business goals and creating new experiences by gamifying their processes and CRM installations. Through this journey we have developed and proved yet another unique way to help organizations drive business results and create a winning sales culture.

Today, I want to personally share with you my excitement about the General Availability of the first member of our second wave of CRM gamification products, Hurrah! Leaderboard®.

hurrah leaderboards for dynamics crm

Hurrah! Leaderboard for Dynamics CRM sharing in the excitement and reinforcing a winning-sales culture.

Hurrah! Leaderboard® is a visual presentation platform designed to Power Up Sales Performance by highlighting your team’s performance and achievements. Through exciting TV-like leaderboards, it lets you present your salespeople’s personal and team performance in real-time, consuming data from Dynamics CRM as well as from other sources.

For Sales VPs and Sales Managers:

This visual approach has been proven to inspire the revenue-generating behaviors needed to achieve and even exceed performance goals, while reinforcing a winning-sales culture and driving CRM adoption!

For Sales Professionals:

It provides the guidance to better focus on goals and the key activities that drive sales and maximize rewards, excel in their careers and gain a winning reputation among peers and managers.

For IT Admins:

It means helping the business to succeed through a high-impact leading edge solution with minimal IT costs as Hurrah! Leaderboard is designed as an easy to install standalone app that can be up and running in a matter of hours, with no need to make any changes to the existing Dynamics CRM live system.

I hope you will take the opportunity to maximize your organization’s sales performance by trying this new powerful solution!

To learn more, please, go to the Hurrah! Leaderboard section in our website, sign up for the upcoming webinar series “Power Up Your Sales Team with Gamification”  or request a demo for your company, here.

Welcome Hurrah!


Pablo Peralta

Microsoft MVP | Dynamics CRM

Co-founder | CRMGamified®