Gamification Vs Procrastination: The Game of Life

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Hi Everybody! Today we’d like to share an awesome little article we’ve just found on Lifehacker. As you probably now, Lifehacker is a website from which you can get all sort of tips to improve your productivity at work or your life in general. It’s a very useful resource that is usually lots of fun to read.

Real Life Gamification

Well the article we want you to read is about overcoming procrastination in everyday chores by using….  you guessed it already? That’s right! GAMIFICATION! 😀

The piece (Gamify Your Life: A Guide to Incentivizing Everything) by Alexander Kalamaroff explains the young author’s “plan to gamify (his) life, to relate everything (he does) to a point-based game”. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s a self-designed system that operates along a daily exchange of productivity and reward. The basic idea is that I fill my life with incentives to make me do the crap I usually don’t want to do. So far it’s working out splendidly. A draft beer costs 3 red points. A new shirt varies, but is generally about 20 red points, 25 blue points, and 15 green points.”

You know we, at CRMGamified, are all about making hard work fun. That’s why we wanted to give a shout out to Alexander for building a short, easy to follow, process for gamifying his life. He warns that he’s still fine-tuning it but here are the main concepts:

  • 1. Identify all the tasks you don’t like doing.
  • 2. Assign these various tasks and stuff point values.
  • 3. Base the rewards, like drinking a draft beer or dining at a tony restaurant, on what you think is reasonable.
  • 4. Track everything.
  • 5. Modify the point values as needed.
  • 6. Have success weeks and milestone prizes.

Brilliant, isn’t it? Please go check the original article to get the details and, as always, feel free to send us your comments.